LTspice IV 4.19y Freeware

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LTspice IV 4.19y FreewareLTspice IV can assist both students and professional electronics engineers in designing simple to complex switching regulators and running circuit simulations. With the help of this SPICE circuit simulator, users can create their own schemes of integrated circuits and test them. The application comes with a variate collection of predefined components that can be added to a circuit, including resistors, capacitors, inductors and diodes, wires, BUS taps, text boxes, labels and so on. Furthermore, the drawing tools can help you insert all kinds of geometrical figures and shapes and rise the complexity of the output design. Each component can be configured individually by right-clicking on it. You can modify the resistance, tolerance level and the power rating of a resistor, as well as the functions, the parasitic properties and the amplitude of a voltage source. MOSFET components can also be integrated in your scheme and their configuration can be displayed without using internal nodes, with immediate effects on the time needed for computing the circuit, but without affecting the switching waveforms. Once you finished working on the scheme, you can evaluate its validity with the help of the built-in compiler and simulator. LTspice IV is capable of simulating complex switched-mode power supply systems and determine whether there are energy dissipations or the energy waste is minimized. With just a click, LTspice IV can create the bill of materials for a certain circuit and generate a complete efficiency report. LTspice IV enables you to model switching regulators and electrical circuits, as well as run testing simulations before actually building the electronic components. The SPICE-like component models help you obtain accurate results for non-linear designs, while the advanced simulation capabilities allow you to test a circuit’s functionality. LTspice IV can help you easily create your own schemes in order to simulate switching regulators. It is a new SPICE that was developed to simulate analog circuits fast enough to make simulation of complex SMPS systems interactive. Incorporated into the new SPICE are circuit elements to model practical board level components. Capacitors and inductors can be modeled with series resistance and other parasitic aspects of their behavior without using sub-circuits or internal nodes. Also, a simulation circuit element was developed for power MOSFET’s that accurately exhibits their usual gate charge behavior without using sub-circuits or internal nodes. Reducing the number of nodes the simulator needs to solve significantly reduces the computation required for a given simulation without compromising the accuracy or detail of the switching waveforms. Another benefit of these new simulation devices is that convergence problems are easier to avoid since they, like the board level component the model, have finite impedance at all frequencies. Modern switch mode power supplies include controller logic with multiple modes of operation. For example, devices may change from pulse switch modulation to burst-mode or to cycle skipping depending on the circuit’s operation. An original new mixed-mode compiler and simulator were written into LTspice that allows these products to be realistically modeled in a computationally fast manner. But despite LTspice’s close association with SMPS design, it not a SMPS-specific SPICE but simply a SPICE program fast enough to simulate a SMPS interactively.

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