Lottery Analyzer Expert 2.3 Freeware

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Lottery Analyzer Expert 2.3 Freeware

A lottery analysis application for the Powerball and Mega Millions hames

Lottery Analyzer Expert is a handy and reliable application designed to analyze historical data for two lottery games, namely Powerball and Mega Millions. The application sorts the total draws that occurred between the most recent date and the date set by the user. It then allows you to view the sorted totals, based on which you can pick your numbers.
What’s New 
  • Version 2.3 has changes to the main interface and internal code to reflect the changes in the new Mega Millions numbers. It also has the extra options of finding matching combinations in the numbers history, finding the best combinations to pick, and entering numbers to check for matches, as well as changes to the display and options output data for both Lottery games. It also includes significantly improved speeds for the matching combinations options.

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