Logizian Simulacian Portable 11.0 Build 20140207 Trial

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Logizian Simulacian Portable 11.0 Build 20140207 TrialLogizian Simulacian Portable is a comprehensive and effective software solution worth having when you need to collaborate better with your team and represent business processes and workflows in a graphical environment using UML (Unified Modeling Language), ERD (Entity relationship diagram), Overview and Chart diagrams. Regardless of the level of expertise, you are able to create workflow design with ease, thanks to its intuitive and practical interface. After setting the workspace directory where all your settings and diagrams will be saved, you can easily choose the type of diagram you want to work with. The left panel enables you to open a new organization chart or diagram, as well as export it to XML format. The main window enables you to complete your workflow by simply drag and drop the elements you are interested in. With the help of Logizian Simulacian Portable you are able to write step-by-step procedures to each business process. By creating BPMN Conversation diagrams you can view how messages pass between pools. Additionally, you are able to restore the connection between expanded and collapsed shapes automatically. By accessing the Modeling menu, you can configure the stereotypes by changing the scrope to Workflow or Project and change the constraints, tagged value definitions and chart relations for each model element, manage business rule keywords and viewpoints, as well as configure default tagged values. What’s more, Logizian Simulacian Portable enables you to identify and manage glossary items, then reuse them in all referencing projects. Every time you are modeling your own diagrams, you might want to record the vocabulary you use in your model so other users can understand each created diagram. The ‘Glossary Grid’ diagram, which can be accessed from the Requirement section in the main toolbar, helps you to identify workflow elements from textual analysis. After specifying the grid name and selecting the scope you are interested in, you can create tasks in the pools and connect them with proper flows. One important aspect that makes Logizian Simulacian Portable a great collaborative platform is the Teamwork feature that the program comes with. In this matter, you can easily share projects and diagrams with your coworkers. Also, each time you are committing your work, this feature allows you to create a version in background. This way, you can review or even roll back to a previous version if wrong modifications were performed. Considering all of the above, Logizian Simulacian Portable proves to be a steady and effective solution when it comes to creating various diagrams and documenting your business processes.
  • 30 days trial
  • Watermark on the exported diagrams
What’s New 
  • General Fixes/Enhancements:
  • Fixed several issues related to BPMN importing
  • Fixed bad resize behavior for free-hand shape
  • Fixed bad resize handlers’ positions of callout shape, when multi-selection
  • Fixed a project refactoring issue
  • Fixed unable to add reference to documentation pane
  • Fixed relationship between sub-process and diagram lost after import of BPMN XML
  • Fixed wrong shape background color when create shape via resource centric interface
  • Fixed unable to save the change of color in matrix (diagram)
  • Fixed bad shape caption position when create shape at 140% zoom ratio
  • Fixed damaged ERD due to hidden columns in entity
  • Fixed Logical view folder being duplicated
  • Fixed unable to change font color for text in annotation
  • Fixed a diagram rendering issue caused by the editing of free-hand shape
  • Removed caption placement options for free-hand shape
  • Tasifier:
  • Fixed Tasifier window no longer in max state after switching from trunk…

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