Logbook 3.0 Demo

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Logbook 3.0 Demo

A digital logbook, developed by yachtsmen for yachtsmen

Logbook is a handy and reliable application especially designed for skippers who want to calculate data totals automatically for an entire trip and for all entries in the logbook. The benefits of making entries in a digital logbook with a software like Logbook are, compared with a logbook on paper, the automatic calculations. With help of the trips and the summary you automatically get totals or average values for all relevant data and don’t need to calculate them yourselves.
  • With the demo version of Logbook you can manage up to 5 travel days and 2 trips
What’s New 
  • Automatic input of navigation data in Logbook on the PC
  • Entering a logbook with Logbook is now even more comfortable:
  • With the new NMEA feature of version 3.0 you can record and enter many navigation data directly from your onboard instruments, or a GPS-mouse.
  • If you have connected a GPS mouse, these automatically entered values are the board time, the position, course over ground and speed over ground.
  • If the PC is connected to an onboard NMEA network you can record and enter automatically furthermore wind direction, wind speed and water temperature.
  • Logbook 3 supports connections to the onboard NMEA network or to a GPS mouse using USB, Bluetooth and WiFi.

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