JXCirrus CalCount B Demo

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JXCirrus CalCount B Demo

Record your daily calorie intake

JXCirrus CalCount is a useful application that you can use when going on a diet. It will help you record the food intake, create a personalized list of foods so you can find them as easy as possible. The JXCirrus CalCount software comes with a comprehensive food database that you can use when deciding which foods will be part of your daily meals. 
Here are some key features of “JXCirrus CalCount”:
  • Built-in food database
  • Calculates the best calorie range and necessary nutrients
  • Lists with foods and exercises can be exported with ease
  • Approx 12 MB free HDD space
  • The following features are available only in the Premium version:
  • Calculates and displays a summary for all of the nutrients you are tracking. The summary can be daily, weekly or monthly, and is colour coded to show how you are going against your goals.
  • Displays daily, weekly or monthly averages for your different exercise goals.
  • Allows you to graph your nutrient intake over time, and compare to weight.
  • Allows you to graph your exercise over time (for those doing regular training).
  • Displays an indicator on the main diary page to show which nutrients are looking like going over for the day, and which ones might be under (to help with meal planning).
  • Meal planning mode allows you to enter meals as far into the future as you want and see how they look against your targets.
  • In your food list, bad foods (foods that would take you over your daily limits) are shown in red. Good foods (foods that will help you get your RDI, such as foods high in fibre) are shown in green.
  • Set up extra meals during the day.
What’s New 
  • Bug Fixes:
  • The food edit dialog was selecting the wrong field on startup.
  • The system didn’t show correct information if you went over a weekly target
  • before the end of the week.
  • Resolved some issues running on Windows XP.
  • Provided a signed installer to allow installation on Windows 8.

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