Just Checking Demo

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Just Checking Demo

A tool that will help you manage all your checking accounts as well as quickly and easily set up the type and all the other details

Just Checking is a useful checkbook utility that can be used to easily manage all your checking accounts and print checks. You can use it to record your expenses and incomes with minimum effort. Just Checking allows you to create a list with all your payments and incomes in order to keep track of your monthly transactions. It also enables you to print expenses reports and to backup its database.
Here are some key features of “Just Checking”:
  • Database driven system allows you to manage all your checking accounts. Changes are automatically saved. This prevents you from losing your work if computer shuts down or locks up.
  • Import transactions from your banking web site downloads. Support for Quicken QIF and Microsoft Money formats. You can also import older Just Checking version 2 & 1 files.
  • Set up reoccurring transactions.
  • Set up users. Each user has their own files, reoccurring transactions, “auto lookup transactions”, and password.
  • Income and expense reports. View income and expense for your open checkbook register file or all your files.
  • Powerful filter dialog permits you to filter out transactions by simple or complex criteria.
  • Sort transactions in the checkbook register with a single click. You can click a column heading twice to sort descending. Sort order is maintained when you add or edit transactions. Use the sort dialog to sort by more than one column. You can sort each column differently, Ascending or Descending.
  • Specify different colors for income, expenses, and tag. Fully customize the font name, size, color, etc.
  • Search the checkbook register for a specific word. Case-sensitive and Partial Match searches available.
  • Edit any transaction in the checkbook register with a simple double-click.
  • Backup all your data to single compressed zip file. Restore also available.
  • Store addresses with your Memos and Payees.
  • Separate backup utility program included to backup and restore your database.
  • Date entry on dialogs is easier. Select your date from a calendar or use your arrow keys.
  • Auto lookup Transactions. Past transactions are looked up and autofill when you select the Payee.
  • Easier lookup for Payees and Memos.
  • Specify your own Pay Types. You’re not limited by our list anymore. We just include ‘Check’ and ‘Void’.
  • “Cleared” is a date instead of a checkbox for better checking account tracking.
  • Add a new transaction based on today’s date or based on the date of the selected transaction.
  • Currency format is based on your Windows settings.
  • 20 transactions per file
  • Printing is disabled
  • Nag screen

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