JPEGView 1.0.31 Freeware

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JPEGView 1.0.31 Freeware

View and easily edit your images

JPEGView is a simple, easy-to-use and fast viewer / editor for JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF files. The application offers image processing, allowing to adjust typical parameters as sharpness, color balance, contrast and local under-/overexposure. You can also download Portable JPEGView.
Here are some key features of “JPEGView”:
  • Small and fast, uses SSE2 and up to 4 CPU cores
  • High quality resampling filter, preserving sharpness of images
  • Basic image processing tools can be applied realtime during viewing
  • Movie mode to play folder of JPEGs as movie
What’s New
  • New features:
  • New supported file format: TGA (8, 15, 16, 24, 32 bits) – only for reading
  • User commands extensions:
  • Shortcuts with modifier keys can now be assigned to user commands. Shortcut format is as in the keymap, e.g. ‘Ctrl+P’
  • User commands can optionally be bound to a menu item in the submenu ‘User commands’ in the JPEGView context menu
  • Open with’ menu:
  • In Settings/Admin it is possible to define applications to be started in the ‘Open with’ submenu of the JPEGView context menu.
  • The applications get passed the current image file name as argument on process startup.
  • It is also possible to assign a shortcut key for such an application.
  • Files can be sorted upcounting (default) or downcounting in all display order modes (by date, name, etc)
  • Can be set in the context menu of JPEGView
  • Stored to INI file
  • New display order mode: Sort by file size
  • New INI file setting:
  • UseEmbeddedColorProfiles=[true/false]
  • Setting this to true will enable color management for JPEG images and TIFF ima…

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