IntelliGet 2.2.1 Trial

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IntelliGet 2.2.1 Trial

An application that allows you to extract lines and columns form text with specific content, as well as compress information from multiple lines into one

IntelliGet is a simple to use application that enables you to load PDF and TXT files, and extract data using a custom script. The rules for extracting data have to be defined in a script file. The scripting language is simple yet extremely powerful. Running the Extract command scans the input file based on the script and generates the output file. IntelliGet does a top-to-bottom scan of the input file and finds out which section and subsection of the script each line belongs to. Once the sections are identified, extraction functions defined in the script are invoked and output data is generated and written to the output file.
Here are some key features of “IntelliGet”:
  • Extract data from PDF or Text/Ascii files
  • Extract lines and/or columns with specific words or other conditions
  • Compress information from multiple lines to a single line
  • Stucture data from a single line to multiple lines
  • Extract associations from section headers or page headers or footers
  • Custom data transformation
  • Convert data between different formats: PDF, Plain text, Fixed width, Delimited, CSV, XML, FIX, SWIFT, etc
  • Process multiple files in one go
  • Extract different sets of information from a file in one go
  • Enterprise strength. Process hundreds of files in a minute.
  • Command line utility enables easy scheduling and automation

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