Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox 3.2.1 Freeware

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Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox 3.2.1 FreewareIntel Solid-State Drive Toolbox is a complete diagnostics and optimization package for Intel SSDs that can provide an insight of a drive’s functioning parameters, enabling you to assess its performance and run maintenance operations. The application can automatically detect all the connected solid-state drives manufactured by Intel, as well as the other drives (SSD or HDD) that your system is equipped with. It displays detailed information about each, such as the model, the total storage capacity, the used and available space, firmware version and serial number. In addition to this, it comprises data concerning each sector, reserved or not, the general drive configuration, as well as the supported transfer modes and the PIO transfer cycle time, serial ATA, power management, cache, write and read speed. Based on the SMART parameters, the application can evaluate the drive health and the estimate the drive’s functioning period. You can take a look at the SMART parameters and check out the thresholds using the dedicated section of the program. Aside from supplying drive identification and performance details, Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox can run a quick or a full diagnostic scan, in the attempt to evaluate the read and write functionality. The first scan method only analyzes the 1.5 GB of an SSD, whereas the latter can check for errors and find bad sectors on the entire drive. You can use Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox to securely erase content stored on your SSD, as well as update the firmware to the latest available version. Moreover, the performance of the SSD can be optimized using the built-in tuner, which promises to lower power consumption, maintain the drive’s speed and prolong its life. Created by the manufacturer itself, Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox can be of great use to anyone who uses an Intel SSD. It gathers information on the current performance, while enabling you to take the necessary actions in order to get the most out of it.
What’s New 
  • This release of the Intel SSD Toolbox includes firmware updates for both Intel SSD DC S3700 and S3500 products with the following changes:
  • In the unlikely event that a drive fails, the drive will now report the correct serial number and actual capacity. The error code is available in ID block word 140 and GPL address 0xDD
  • When a power off is less than 500ms the drive will automatically reset and allow proper drive enumeration
  • Support for both 512B and 4KB physical sector size
  • As blocks are retired, the SMART E 8h value will decrease linearly
  • After a power cycle, timed workload variables will resume from the last saved values and update after 60 minutes and every minute thereafter SMART Attribute 05h now has a normalized value of 100
  • SMART Attribute C2h now reports the correct temperature

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