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IE Password Remover 1.0 FreewareIE Password Remover is a fairly simplistic application whose main purpose is to identify all the credentials stored insideInternet Explorer and remove them selectively or all at once. It is destined to all users who want to clean up their IE password autocomplete history with the least of efforts. Besides, the program is extremely easy to use and works on average computers where versions of IE from 7 to the latest is installed. You are advised to pay attention during the installation process, as the package might include several third-party components that are not compulsory for the program’s runtime, therefore you may decline them. The whole functionality is concentrated into the main window, where the program displays the detected IE version and the OS you’re running, alongside a few buttons for managing its capabilities. As soon as you press the ‘Show Passwords’ button, the program starts scanning the data stored inside IE and if any stored password are found, they are displayed in the main window, accompanied by the afferent website and user name. From here on out, you have three main options: backup the files (to a HTML, TXT or XML file), remove the selected password or erase all of them at once. It is highly recommended that you perform a backup prior to the actual removal process, in case you need the information at a later time. Overall, IE Password Remover makes a good impression. We couldn’t get it to find the passwords stored inside IE on Windows 8, but it worked perfectly on Windows 7. The backup option is very appropriate, as undoing the removal operation is not possible.
IE Password Remover is a handy and reliable application designed to remove website login passwords from Internet Explorer. It automatically detects the IE version on your system and uses the appropriate techniques to successfully decrypt all the stored passwords. Once recovered, you can either remove the selected ones or all of the stored passwords with just one click. You can also download Portable IE Password Remover.
Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:
  • Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars) that the program does not require to fully function

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