HardLink ShellExtension Freeware

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HardLink ShellExtension Freeware

Accessible, easy-to-use and user-friendly piece of software that enables you to quickly create Junctions, HardLinks and SymbolicLinks

The NTFS filesystem of NT4/W2K/WXP/WXP64 supports HardLink functionality, but HardLinks can only be created via the POSIX command ln, which is shipped with the Windows resource kit. Even if with POSIX commands, HardLinks can only be created via the command prompt, which is a kind of a mess for many files. HardLink ShellExtension is a useful utility that can implement an extension to the Windows shell explorer, so that HardLinks, Junctions, and SymbolicLinks can be comfortably created via right mouse click on a selection of one or multiple files. What’s New  · For Junctions or Symbolic Links the Target field can be edited in the Properties Dialog. · LSE elevates the creation of hardlinks in system protected directories, e.g.: %systemroot%. · LSE now offers all its function also in the Library folder. · If enabled LSE summarizes the ouptut of operations in a log file. · Fixed a crash related to UNC path and Overlay Icons. · The progress bar showed wrong/incomplete filename-path combinations during operations on large files. · Symbolic links to mapped network drives can be created now via LSE. · Replacement functions can be used to repair broken junctions/symbolic links/mountpoints. · During SmartCopy/SmartMirror/DeloreanCopy the type (absolute/relative) of symbolic link relation is kept in the destination. · During SmartCopy/SmartMirror/DeloreanCopy the Compression Attribute is copied too. · The check for prerequisites during install is more accurate aka takes mfc80.dll into account. · During un-install it is also checked if the hardlinkshellext.dll is held by …

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