GUI Turbo Assembler 2.2 Freeware

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GUI Turbo Assembler 2.2 Freeware

A simple and efficient software solution that provides a user-friendly interface for the command-line Turbo Assembler application

GUI Turbo Assembler is a user-friendly application designed to provide you with a GUI for the popular Turbo Assembler. GUI Turbo Assembler can open and edit ASM files, enabling you to compile, build and run the project with a few clicks. With its simple and clean interface, the application is very easy to use, which makes it a great alternative to the command-line assembler.
What’s New 
  • Fixed bug related to EULA bypass as in previous version.
  • Changed shortcut for new tab.
  • Modularized application using Dynamic Data Library.
  • Added OS Detection feature to warn 64-bit users about incompatibility of Turbo Assembler and Linker beforehand.
  • Added tool-tip feature, displayed when cursor is moved over a tab.
  • Added support of making donations.
  • Disabled log console by default.

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