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Gitools 2.1.1 FreewareGitools is a software solution specifically designed to help you edit genomic data and it provides you with tools to analyze it. Ease of use and accesibility It is important to mention that this program does not need to be installed, thus it is not creating registry entries in your system, but it does require you to have Java installed. After that you can open your projects, by selecting files stored on your computer or by specifying their URL. You can also login to your GenomSpace account and import the heatmaps and analysis from there. Tab based genomic data editor Accessing the context menu you can start to edit the genomic data by entering new headers and you can select from multiple options that allow you to customize how the project is displayed. Using Gitools you can perform multiple analysis of the heatmaps. The enrichment analysis allows you to measure the statistical significance and value concordance of biological conditions for a set of modules or genes. With the correlation analysis you can compare the patterns of the columns and rows from your heatmap matrix. Other essential analysis Gitools provides support for, are oncodrive, combinations, overlapping, group comparison and clustering. Furthermore, this utility enables you to download various modules from multiple sources, like KEGG, GeneOntology and Biomart, that you can integrate and use in your project. A useful genomic data analyzer To sum things up, Gitools, offering multiple analyzing methods, proves to be a handy software tool worth having by specialists working with genomes and that need to easily compare various data.
Gitools is a professional and reliable application designed to enable you to visualize and analyze genomic data. Data and results are represented as heatmaps that you can easily browse. Gitools allows to import data directly from IntOGen and Biomart.
What’s New 
  • The new version of Gitools contains many internal changes and improvements for usability and analyses. Below we list the new main features which we will try to explain in more detail in upcoming posts.
  • File import: Any flat text file containing values may now be imported to Gitools.
  • Data integration: Via file import it is possible to load new data layers on an existing heatmap. You have a heatmap with methylation values and now the mutations have come in? Just load them as an additional value for each cell.
  • Group Comparisons may now be done much more easily and for a series of groups at once. Group by annotations, values or without constraints and check for differences between two groups of samples.
  • Bookmarks: Gitools heatmaps can now be bookmarked. Save a constellation of visible rows and columns in their order and the value being viewed.
  • Clustering: The clustering code has been improved. We tackled in particular the difficulty of combining hierarchical clusteri…

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