GBTimelapse 3.9.34 Trial

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GBTimelapse 3.9.34 Trial

Remote capture software for Canon EOS DSLR cameras

GBTimelapse is a comprehensive software for capturing timelapse image sequences or for general remote photo capture. You control a Canon EOS digital camera tethered to your computer by a USB cable. Using the camera’s settings, you capture images using the computer rather than the camera controls and collect a series of images automatically while the camera and computer are left unattended.  NOTE: GBTimelapse is not compatible with Canon PowerShot cameras.
Here are some key features of “GBTimelapse”:
  • AutoRamp:
  • Automatic exposure with bulb ramping. AutoRamp is designed to dramatically minimize flicker when ambient lighting conditions are in flux. For example, a classic problem when creating high quality time-lapse footage is achieving a smooth lighting transition at sunset. As the sun sets and the sky darkens, your camera reacts by changing exposures in big ⅓ f-stop intervals. Because of this, your time-lapse has a distracting flicker in brightness between frames. AutoRamp solves this and other lighting problems – sunrises, passing cloud cover, shadows and so on – by determining the optimal settings for your camera, and then changing the camera exposure in precise, smooth increments.
  • Watch a movie preview of the capture history while time-lapse is running
  • Specify a time lapse interval from one second to 24 hours
  • Choose from multiple shutter modes including:
  • Auto exposure bracketing
  • Continuous shooting
  • Bulb shooting
  • High dynamic range bracketing
  • Custom exposure bracketing
  • Custom white balance bracketing
  • Full support of Canon live view for setup and capture at intervals up to 10 frames per second. The maximum attainable frame rate depends on the resources and speed of your computer.
  • Save all settings a project file
  • Load and run a project by double-clicking its file icon
  • Camera is automatically connected and settings initialize when a project is loaded
  • Start a timelapse session manually or follow a scheduled program
  • Schedule a session for any time of day or night any days of the week
  • Or, use Windows Task Scheduler to run a project at any time
  • Modify a capture session while it is running
  • Change camera settings during a session from GBTimelapse or the camera’s menu
  • Activate the shutter using GBTimelapse or using the camera shutter release
  • Control multiple cameras asynchronously by running multiple GBTimelapse instances, each one connected to a different camera and each one running a different project.
  • Canon EOS DSLR camera
  • 1 GHz minimum CPU
  • 256MB minimum, 1GB recommended
  • 500MB HDD space minimum
  • .NET Framework
  • 15 days trial
  • Watermark on output
  • RAW images are not saved to disk
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • Fixed: In non English localizations, the AutoRamp TvRange values were being saved as a number in the local style, but read back as a number in English style. This caused values with a comma to be misinterpreted

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