Gantt Chart Light Library 4.3.26 Trial

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Gantt Chart Light Library 4.3.26 Trial

Gantt Chart related components for Silverlight 4 / WPF 4

  The Gantt Chart Light Library is a powerful component designed for Silverlight 4 / WPF. Gantt Chart related Windows client components, such as task based Gantt Chart controls, with increased runtime performance, standard appearance and behavior customizable settings, task and dependency drag and drop operations, etc.
Here are some key features of “Gantt Chart Light Library”:
  • Very similar in appearance, behavior, and development related features with the standard DataGrid control
  • Allows the end users to expand and close tasks, and update existing task values either from the data grid or from the Gantt Chart using drag and drop operations, excepting the case that this feature is disabled by the developer, by setting the ReadOnly property to true manually
  • Uses the current culture (language and region) set by the end user (using the Regional and Language Options) for displaying and retrieving values such as numbers or dates and times, excepting the case that the running thread culture was set by the developer to a specific culture information object manually
  • Uses the standard Aero theme provided by the most recent operating systems (or simulated for other operating systems) in WPF applications, or the standard theme provided by the platform in Silverlight applications, excepting the case that the developer has customized the user interface properties values manually
What’s New
  • The new product build improves WPF and Silverlight based UI Automation for included GanttChartDataGrid and inheriting compon

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