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Free Interest Calculator 1.0 FreewareFree Interest Calculator allows you to decide on the best strategy when you want to start saving money for a certain event. It is designed to facilitate the interest calculation in order to easily determine if you can achieve your goals. There are a lot of important events or investments that require careful planning and saving in order to gather the required financial resources. The computer is a great tool for processing all the parameters that determine the available amount after a certain period of time. Unfortunately, you need to have the right tools for the job since the basic Calculator included in Windows is not specialized for this type of analysis. Most users, including myself, have tried to use Excel, OpenOffice or other tools to create a suitable calculator. If you want to save the time it takes to create a spreadsheet that can perform accurate calculations and consider multiple saving alternatives you should try the Free Interest Calculator. The program is able to calculate the total interest gains and the final amount at the end of time interval that you specify. You only need to enter the starting amount, the saving account interest and the regular deposits that you plan on making. Moreover, the program displays a graphical representation which clearly distinguishes between the initial amount, subsequent deposits and interest that you receive from the bank. The details about each amount is displayed in a popup window for each year. The interface is easy to use and lets you experiment with multiple deposit frequencies and interest types in order to simulate the conditions provided by your bank. The only drawback is that it does not allow you to export the graph of the simulation result. If you need to plan a major investment, Free Interest Calculator can help you determine the money that you should save weekly or monthly to reach your goal. Free Interest Calculator is a simple application that allows you to calculate the interest you can gain by saving money. It is designed to calculate the total amount that you can gain on short and long term by making regular deposits. You can use this tool for testing and comparing different strategies by modifying the interest and deposit amount.

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