Free 1D Barcode Generator

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Free 1D Barcode Generator

Free 1D Barcode Generator is a lightweight and easy to use application that comes in handy when you need to create and print bar codes for your products. You have full control upon the bar code style and appearance as well as the data it stores.

Generate custom bar codes

Each bar code features customizable properties, regarding the information it encrypts, but also height or stretch values. You can modify the ratio, the height, the distance from the left and top margin, the color of the bars and spaces, the code’s orientation and text font. Additionally, you can customize the display text, choose the font style, size and spacing, by three coordinates.

You can instantly view the modifications you have operated on the bar code layout, thanks to the previewing space. Printing parameters can also be changed to fit your printer’s performance or your preferences.

A choice of style and multiple uses

The software supports multiple styles of internationally accepted bar codes and postal symbols. Codabar, Code25Interleaved, ITF-16, UPC-A, PharmacodeOneTrack or CPC Binary are some examples of the supported bar code types. Each of those can be drawn according to the information you need to store in them.

Once you have finished editing your bar code, it is ready for commercial use. You can export it as an image and insert it in digital documents, copy it to clipboard or prepare it for printing. The software complies with the printer’s options, in order to render several codes on one page.


Free 1D Barcode Generator is a reliable, but most importantly simple to use software that generates custom style bar codes, for your commercial use. It supports multiple styles of bar codes that are accepted and recognized all over the world, including bar stamps used in specific industries. Pharmacies and postal offices, for instance require different types of bar codes, than other commercial products.


  • Print barcode symbol to paper directly
  • Save barcode symbol as a bitmap file
  • Copy barcode symbol to the clipboard
  • Scale and rotate the barcode symbol
  • Optional human readable text is supported
  • Most popular linear and postal barcode symbologies are supported

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