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Fotosizer Standard Edition FreewareFotosizer is a program which enables you to batch-resize and convert image files. The interface of the application is plain and intuitive. You can import pictures from file or folder by using the file browser (the “drag and drop” method is not supported on Windows 7). So, you can configure resize settings when it comes to the width and height of the picture, reverse these values and enable Fotosizer to maintain the aspect ratio. Furthermore, you can specify the output destination and format, view image thumbnails and information, as well as apply a filename mask and optionally include subfolders. In addition, you can apply several image effects (black and white, negative, sepia), rotate pictures (horizontally or vertically), change the quality and print DPI, as well as copy EXIF and XMP information (in case of JPEG files). In the “Options” area you can change the interface language, set file associations and enable Fotosizer to automatically check for updates online. The program runs on a very low quantity of system CPU and memory, quickly finishes a task and didn’t cause us any kind of difficulties during our tests. The fact of the matter is that Fotosizer is a pretty good software when it comes to resizing and converting pictures, and we strongly recommend it to all users, regardless of their experience level.
Fotosizer Standard Edition is a useful batch image resizer tool designed to be versatile and easy to use. Fotosizer Standard Edition resizes your photos in just 3 easy steps: select the image, customize the size settings, click on the Start button. Furthermore, you can rotate the image, apply a sepia effect or change the JPG quality. Increasingly, sharing photos on the internet is becoming more and more popular. JPEG files from digital cameras taken at high resolutions are far too large to send over the Internet, with some photos ending up at 5 MB. Fotosizer Standard Edition can help you shrink JPEG images, along with other supported formats, and dramatically reduce Internet transfer times, enabling you to quickly and easily prepare your image collections to be published on the web. Note: An extended set of features become available if you purchase the Professional Edition.
Here are some key features of “Fotosizer Standard Edition”:
  • Batch resizing:
  • Choose to resize by percentage of width and height
  • Choose to set custom width and height
  • Maintain aspect ratio
  • Choose where the resized images will be saved
  • Image selection:
  • Add single image or selection of images
  • Add images from a folder
  • Include sub folders when adding from a folder
  • Shows thumbnail preview list of images due to be resized
  • Shows details such as filename, original file size, file type of images due to be resized
  • Supported Image Formats:
  • JPEG images (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
  • 8-bit Compuserve GIF(*.gif)
What’s New 
  • Fixed setting of DPI in EXIF photo information when DPI value changed
  • Fixed automatic check for updates so that it does not crash when retrieving setting from Windows registry if user does not have access
  • Added Czech translation corrections
  • Applied minor UI fixes to buttons
  • Changed browse for folder dialog in Windows Vista to be old style as new style pre v2.08
  • Changed default selected Filename option to be “Create copies”
  • Changed rotations to be applied before resize
  • Added “Center image in target resolution” resize setting
  • Added “Insert symbol option” to watermarks to add copyright, registered, trademark and other common symbols to text watermarks
  • Fixed reloading of saved rotation settings
  • Fixed display of text watermark setting textbox

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