Fluid Mask 3.3.5 Trial

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Fluid Mask 3.3.5 Trial

Creates mask selections but also edge and hair detection or blending.

Fluid Mask is an Adobe Photoshop plugin what has designed to create mask selections for your pictures. For the professional user there are new features such as selecting areas for local detailed edge finding and blending that make masking challenges simple to overcome. Fluid Mask not only finds edges but also understands the width and character of an edge. Fluid Mask’s intelligent blending is the only blending around to automatically extract the morphology (character) of an edge. Here are some key features of “Fluid Mask”: Visual Image Segmentation: · See exactly how your image is made up of segments of similar properties. Letting you create super-fine mask selections with ease. Color Based Selections: · Use the Color Workspace and the Color Sampler to make extremely fine color based mask selections. Forced Edge: · If the flexible image segmantation adjustments and resolution controls weren’t enough, you can even add in your own edges. Intelligent Edge Blending: · Fluid Mask 3 understands the width and morphology of an edge. Its intelligent blending gets the closest to extracting the true character of the image. Localized Edge Detection: · Fluid Mask 3 lets you isolate difficult areas and apply alternative selections with all new edges find options – making the tough bits easier. Localized Blending Options: · Fluid Mask 3 includes complex blending tools for within a patch, to adjust the localized blending parameters to be different from the larger image. Combine multiple blending techniques on one image. Onscreen Help and Guidance: · Fluid Mask 3 contains an in place tip window to guide through the use of it’s tools. With handy pointers and guidance to help you along. They’re also linked to an in-depth user manual with more detailed information. Stored Workspace Settings: · Allows you to tailor the default settings to your needs and better yet – process complete studio runs with ease! Adjustable Workspace Resolution: · By adjusting the working resolution of the segmentation processing you can create broader and smoother segments, and choose to ignore finer details. Plus, there’s no loss of image quality. Requirements: · Adobe Photoshop Limitations: · 14 days trial

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