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FlippingBook Publisher 2.5.22 DemoFlippingBook Publisher is a software program that helps you design digital Flash books with a 3D flipping effect. The interface is highly intuitive, enabling any type of person to use the app, without having previous experience and without encountering issues. The utility displays a modern look that is customizable, seeing that you are able to hide or show different editing bars, choose between large numbers of skins, modify the style, size and color of the fonts used, and so on.  FlippingBook Publisher integrates a resourceful import system, enabling users to open file formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, XLS, bitmaps and the list goes on. Moreover, your publications can contain YouTube videos, various links or products. Any visual object added to the flipping book can edited, in the sense that you can change its colors, gradients and so on. The project can be built with a hard or soft cover, while the skin, book and window size can be changed. Zooming into a certain page with the help of the mouse (single or double click) can be disabled or enabled. The presentation that you have created can be previewed for Flash, handheld devices (Android, iPhone, iPad) or basic HTML versions. In addition to that, your project can be published directly from the application to Publ.com cloud, HTML, or you can upload it to an FTP server. To sum up, FlippingBook Publisher is a piece of software that enables users to create online publications and photo albums that have a 3D effect when turning the page. The program has a number of efficient features suchlike importing several types of file formats, a lot of editing tools and built-in publishing capabilities.
FlippingBook Publisher is an user-friendly application designed to help you create digital Flash books with a 3D flipping effect. FlippingBook Publisher allows importing any file including your JPEG, PNG, PDF, MS Office and other files into your digital flip book. You can change the look of almost any visual object of the flipping book. You can change colors, gradients and other styling options using our powerful Skin Editor. You can create as many publications as you wish and host them on unlimited number of websites. FlippingBook Publisher allows hosting your ebooks on our new cloud-based service Publ.com intended to deliver your digital publications by a couple of clicks. You are also not limited to creation of online publications only. If you need to distribute your publications using CD/DVD or Flash-drives, you can create executable files With FlippingBook Publisher you can make publications for different platforms and run them on devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Only a browser is required in a mobile device to get these HTML5 publications work.
Here are some key features of “FlippingBook Publisher”:
  • Multi-level zoom can be activated by quick double click. Users can zoom into the desired part of the publication and scroll around the page using the mouse wheel.
  • Full-text search is available for all publications containing alphanumeric data. Online and offline search can be enabled quickly and ran easily.
  • Links to other pages of the publication and to external websites can be recognized from your PDF.
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left flipping can be enabled that is essential for publications in languages such as Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew.
  • Publications created in FlippingBook Publisher are integrated in modern social networks. Viewers can share links to the publication in Facebook or Twitter, send links via e-mail or embed publications in their websites.
  • All publications are SEO friendly.
  • Corporate version of FlippingBook Publisher supports several modern methods of protecting your publications from unauthorized access and unwanted copying of content.
  • You can only import the first 10 pages
What’s New
  • Now FlippingBook publications are fully compatible with the new Adobe Flash Player 12.0.

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