Flac Tag Library Freeware

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Flac Tag Library Freeware

Flac tagging library for Delphi development

Flac Tag Library is a handy and reliable development library designed to assist programmers in creating applications that deal with audio tagging. Flac Tag Library aimes to implement functionality related to the Flac audio format and is able to load, save and remove song tags with full support for cover art. Note: Flac Tag Library is based on an open-source class, but many new features were added (specially full support for managing cover arts). You can use the cover art managing functions for free programs / projects but for shareware or commercial programs you need to purchase a license.
  • Delphi 2009
What’s New 
  • When saving the tag and the new tag, padding is smaller then the existing tag, the tag is re-written with new padding.

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