FindinSite-CD 6.18 Demo

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FindinSite-CD 6.18 Demo

Text search engine for data CDs

FindinSite-CD is a handy text search engine that you can use in order to scan, find and organize data on CDs and DVDs. The FindinSite-CD-Wizard tool builds a search database from an existing web site and then lets you edit it. FindinSite-CD-Wizard will build a search web page and show it in your default browser. The Findex Java application indexes HTML/PDF/DOC/PPT/RDF/TXT/JPEG files and stores meta-data information for field searches. Here are some key features of “FindinSite-CD”: Search engine – A full-text search engine for your CD or DVD: · Enter text into a search box · findinsite-cd displays a results list Click to show a result, with word highlighting in web pages: · File types · HTML web pages – 32 character sets supported · Adobe PDF · Word DOC/RTF · Excel XLS · PowerPoint PPT/PPS presentation · TXT plain text JPEG/TIFF image meta-data: · Technology · Platform-independent Java applet for browsers – Get a Java VM Check compatibility and XP SP2 pages: · Highlighting · Highlights found search words in displayed web pages Jumps straight to first occurrence on web page: · Indexing · Use findinsite-cd-wizard Windows tool to · Index your CD contents to build a search database · Build a search page and copy in the runtime · Edit the search database Alternative findex Java application indexer available: this also indexes RDF/XML meta-data: · Languages · findinsite-cd detects the user’s preferred language and presents results using that language · Currently, fifteen Western, Arabic and Asian languages are supported More languages can be supported: · Search features · Logical searches AND OR NOT ( ) · Full wild card support · Word stemming and synonyms using rules · Multiple indexes and subsets supported Meta-data field searches: · Screen options · Either use an applet window on the page · Or use HTML forms and JavaScript page updating pages · Shows hits in same window, new window or within framesets · Configurable fonts, colours, layout and ordering · Adjustable results listings Programmable using JavaScript: · Use online – findinsite-cd will run on Intranet sites and online but may be slow · Use alternative findinsite-ms for ASP.NET based sites · Or findinsite-js for Java server sites Requirements: · Runtime runs in most Java-enabled browsers. Limitations: · Only the first 60 files in a search database can be displayed What’s New · Manifest has “Trusted-Library: true” to enable “no applet window” mode again


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