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FinalBuilder Trial

Automated build & release management software for software developers

FinalBuilder is a comprehensive and powerful application that enables you to define and maintain a reliable and repeatable build process. FinalBuilder includes integration with version control systems, file and directory operations, iterators, source code compilers, testing tools, database systems, installation tools, as well as actions for deployment over the Internet and CD/DVD burning built in. FinalBuilder is a program that allows anyone in the team to run a build. FinalBuilder will help you: · Save time and money – automated builds are much quicker than manual builds, sometimes cutting something that took a day down to minutes. · Allow anyone in the team to run a build – FinalBuilder is so easy to use, so you won’t need a “build guru” team member to run all your builds. · Improve the quality of your releases – FinalBuilder cuts the human error factor substantially, automating the boring repetitive tasks. · Have a record of what was built when – FinalBuilder logs the output from all the tools it calls, and the logs from previous builds are archived FinalBuilder dramatically accelerates the software development cycle by automating the software build process. As well as increasing the speed and reliability of the build process, it also increases staff productivity by relieving them of the repetitive and error prone tasks.
Here are some key features of “FinalBuilder”:
  • Graphical Interface:
  • FinalBuilder presents a build process in a logically structured, graphical interface. Any software developer can define and maintain a build with FinalBuilder, without learning a new XML schema or scripting language.
  • 600+ Built-in Actions:
  • With over 600 built-in scripts, called actions, FinalBuilder has an action to automate every common task in a build process. It also integrates with your existing compiler, version control and testing tools.
  • Integrated Debugging:
  • A debugging engine is fully integrated into the FinalBuilder IDE. You can step between actions, set break points and set variable watches to debug your build process.
  • Continuous Integration Server:
  • FinalBuilder Professional includes a full featured Continuous Integration and Automated Build server to build and test your code the moment it is checked-in to version control.
  • Advanced Flow Control:
  • FinalBuilder includes Try, Catch actions for localised error handling; as well as all the loops and conditional statements you get in a full programming language.
  • Scheduled Builds:
  • FinalBuilder provides tight integration with the windows scheduling service, which allows builds to be scheduled to run daily, weekly or whenever you wish.
  • Detailed Logging:
  • Output from all actions in the build process is directed to the build log. The log maintains the same tree structure as the action lists, which makes it easy to find your way in the log file. Logs can be exported in HTML, XML or text formats.
  • Email, MSN, FTP & SFTP Support:
  • Your build process can email the results of the build to you, so for example if the build fails, it can export the log, attach it to an email and send it to you. Or it can send you an ICQ message. You can announce successful builds on nntp news servers.
  • Variables:
  • Using variables is the key to making your build process dynamic. Use variables to pass information from one action to another, and also to enable actions to use user specific or machine specific values.
  • Version Control Integration:
  • FinalBuilder supports more than a dozen version control systems out-of-the-box, so it can get, checkout, tag and perform other build related operations with your existing revision control system.
  • Rich Web Interface:
  • FinalBuilder’s web interface has been carefully crafted to combine functionality with usability. Enjoy an accelerated web experience with AJAX status pages, logs, properties pages and flash based build metrics.
  • Build Metrics:
  • More than just the numbers, FinalBuilder Server’s build metrics provide an insight into the quality of your builds over the life of the software project. These interactive charts expose trends in compiler errors, unit test results and help compiler errors.
  • Web Accessible Build Logs:
  • Comprehensive record keeping is built into FinalBuilder and so is a straightforward method to access this information remotely. Get remote access to the finer details of your build using the dynamic or static logs.
  • Team Management:
  • FinalBuilder Server integrates seamlessly with your existing Active Directory accounts to make team management a breeze. The built-in team system also provides customizable security roles and permissions for interaction with projects, triggers, server configuration and more.
  • Triggers & Conditions:
  • In addition to continuous integration triggers, FinalBuilder Server provides a triggers to execute a build at a specified time, interval, process output or file event. Conditions are also available to give you control over your build triggers.
  • Build Notifications:
  • Continuous feedback is an important counterpart to continuous integration. With FinalBuilder Server, your automated build process can deliver continuous feedback about build results via email, RSS and tray notification.
  • 30-day trial
What’s New 
  • FinalBuilder IDE:
  • Bug – VS.Net Options – VS.Test.Console correctly uses the development environment path.
  • FinalBuilder Actions:
  • Bug – Async Group – Fixed error when referencing connections/filesets/queues inside actions called asynchronously.
  • Bug – Delete Folder – No longer changes the working directory to the directory to be deleted.
  • Bug – Delphi Action – Fixed Unit output path issue with XE5 package projects.
  • Bug – Text List Sort – No longer adds extra blank line after sorting list.
  • Bug – Pastic SCM – Fixed actions to correctly save the selected workspace if the default workspace was blank.
  • Bug – FTPS Upload – Fixed to use the current directory when uploading.
  • Bug – Export Log – Fixed dead lock which would occur when using multiple export logs in async groups.
  • Enhancement – Build VS.Net Solution – Added option to allow failure of action if no configurations match configuration expression entered.
  • Enhancement – File Iterator – Added option to get relative path to file from a filese…

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