FileM 2.2 Freeware

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FileM 2.2 Freeware

An intuitive application that you can use to monitor a preferred directory, create data backups, as well as display and log file changes

FileM is a file monitoring application that enables you to log the file changes that occur in a certain directory. It is capable of keeping an eye on selected file formats only and even network folders. Additionally, FileM can be set to monitor just a definite type of files or create backups for your files, in order to prevent data loss. It can run in the system tray, notifying you about file modifications. Here are some key features of “FileM”: · Monitor system changes and generate logs · Create file backups · Select the file type to monitor · Watch entire drive · Minimize to tray – displays changes count as a tray notification · Exclude AppData and Windows folders · Easy to use Requirements: · .NET Framework 3.5 What’s New · Added a few layout changes · Added 4 next paths selectors · Added leftclick reset · Added multipath option and layout · Added completly try-catch statement bo maximalize stable work · Added directory for log files · Added directory for backup files · Added autorun window/watch/both feature · Added auto remove handlers · Added new layout · Added new icon · Added double click select · Fixed many things · Fixed a few bugs · Fixed autobackup of autobackup… of autobackup (Exclude Current Directory opt.) · Fixed a few options · Reorganized whole code · Optimalized code · Deleted single path

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