Eye4Software Hydromagic Trial

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Eye4Software Hydromagic Trial

A hydrographic survey software tool, which can be used to map areas using a GPS and echosounder

Eye4Software Hydromagic is a handy and reliable application designed to display your position and to record depths, to view maps and locations and more. The software will work with almost any GPS and echosounder, and can be used on any desktop, laptop or netbook computer. 
Here are some key features of “Eye4Software Hydromagic”:
  • GPS Connection:
  • The software can communicate with almost any GPS device to retrieve your current position and show it on one of the supported raster or vectormaps. Any GPS device supporting the NMEA0183 protocol is supportd. It is possible to record your movements and the measured depths to a track.
  • When a map is loaded, you can also calculate distance and course, add symbols, lines, boundaries and comments to your map and save and / or print them.
  • Map Formats:
  • GeoTIFF;
  • IHO-S57 Electronic Nautical Charts (ENCs);
  • AutoCad DXF CAD files;
  • Microstation ISFF DGN files;
  • MapInfo MIF/MID files;
  • Arc/Info Export files;
  • OpenStreetMap XML files, and OpenStreetMap PNG tiles through calibration;
  • ESRI Shapefiles;
  • BSB nautical charts;
  • JPG files, through user calibration or JGW (JPEG World File);
  • TIF files, through user calibration or TFW (TIFF World File);
  • GIF Files, through user calibration or GFW (GIF World File);
  • PNG Files, through user calibration or PGW (PNG World File);
  • BMP Files, through user calibration or BPW (BMP World File);
  • Import and Export formats:
  • Overlay data, such as comments, waypoints, matrix and track data can be imported from or exported to different file formats. File formats supported include ASCII XYZ Files, Topographix GPX GPS Exchange Files, Garmin Database, Maptech and OziExplorer PLT, WPT and RTE Files. You can export both manually added data as well as all data stored on your GPS device.
  • Map Projections:
  • To display a part of the globe (ellips or sphere) on a display(plane), a map projection is needed to prevent distortion of the map data. The software is shipped with a database containing over 3500 predefined map projections. You can also delete, modify and add new definitions.
  • Transverse Mercator;
  • Oblique Mercator;
  • Mercator;
  • Oblique Stereographic;
  • Polar Stereographic;
  • Albers Equal Area Conic;
  • Lambert Conformal Conic;
  • Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area;
  • Krovak;
  • Eckert IV;
  • Eckert VI;
  • Mollweide;
  • Cassini;
  • Polyconic;
  • Miller;
  • Bonne;
  • Sinusoidal;
  • Cylindrical Equal Area.
  • Tools:
  • Built in track editor to edit or correct your soundings;
  • Generate depth contours;
  • Generate regularly spaced XYZ data;
  • Show cross-sections;
  • Calculate volumes;
  • Skyview;
  • Map calibration, to use your own downloaded or scanned GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG and TIF maps;
  • Attribute viewer for GIS files like ESRI shapefiles and ENCs;
  • Dataview to display all information retrieved from the GPS device;
  • Track recorder to save all movements and measured depths to a GPS track;
  • Great circle calculations to perform distance and bearing calculations from point to point;
  • Display your position on the map realtime.
  • To receive realtime GPS information, you need a NMEA-0183 compatible (D)GPS device (most GPS devices around support the NMEA-0183 protocol) attached to your computer using an USB, Bluetooth or RS232 serial connection
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • Support for shorelines and islands (holes) when generating a matrix / DTM;
  • Support for accelarator keys for data collection operations, like start / stop recording;
  • Depth contour smoothing functionality added;
  • LR indicator (helmsman) display added;
  • Ability to calculate a DTM from multiple soundings and/or shorelines;
  • Ability to calculate depth contours from multiple soundings and/or shorelines;
  • Added new plugin for SyQwest Hydrobox;
  • ASCII import and export of shoreline data;
  • Whole new AutoCAD DXF export dialog, allowing you to export a selection of project data;
  • Improved support for magnetic heading; True and magnetic heading selectable;
  • Fixed a problem with importing depth data in Feet;
  • Replaced the TIN algorithm with a new one: 10 times faster and more accurate;
  • Support for dual-frequency sounding data storing, processing, filtering and editing;
  • Added support for storing sensor data, for instance magnetometer or Unabara reflectiviy, bottom loss and others;
  • Added a new “Survey” menu…

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