Espresso ELN 6.0.2 Demo

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Espresso ELN 6.0.2 Demo

A state of the art professional electronic lab notebook

Espresso ELN is a handy and reliable chemistry software that provides digital signatures, reactions substructure searches (RSS) and self-assembling reaction schemes. An electronic lab notebook (ELN) is a software for the efficient creation, protection, storage, and sharing of experiment protocols.
Here are some key features of “Espresso ELN”:
  • Automatic stoichiometric calculations, integrated flexible materials database.
  • Reaction substructure searches (graphical & SMARTS text).
  • IP-protection via digital signatures and event log.
  • Automatic experiment self-organization into steps, sequences and schemes.
  • Direct ChemSpider link to any drawn reaction component (access to physical data, patents, spectra, etc.)
  • Integrated chemical drawing editor, with copy/paste support for ISIS/Draw and ChemDraw.
  • Automatic backup synchronization either to a server database, or to a file-based backup. Server sync now available at no extra cost.
  • High responsiveness, optional server interaction occurs in background.
  • Concise, standardized protocols, elements added by the click of a button.
  • Intuitive handling: Looks like a paper notebook, not like a database report.
  • Insertion of images or PDF directly into protocol workflow.
  • Switch experiment view from amounts to equivalents.
  • Smoothly zoom into reaction sketch and embedded images for details.
  • Easy installation and testing (no server required for full ELN functionality).
  • Allows the creation of 20 experiments
What’s New 
  • Hotfix: Creating/cloning a new experiment always fully copied the current experiment, no matter which cloning option was selected.

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