EscapeE 9.41 Trial

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EscapeE 9.41 Trial

A PCL file converter with multiple features.

EscapeE is a powerful application that allows you to view PCL documents and to convert them to other formats. You can use the application to view a PLC data stream and to open PCL/HPGL/PCL3GUI, AFP, PDF, Postscript, TIFF/FAX, JPEG or PNG formats. The program can convert the PCL documents to more popular formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG or HTML. It can also combine multiple documents and add dynamic barcodes to PCL files. Note: In order to use the program you need to activate the trial by requesting a license from the nag screen.
  • 60 days trial
What’s New 
  • Features:
  • The default font can be any of the installed Windows fonts, not just a few predefined ones. The arrow next to the font selection string of the Printer tab in the configuration dialogue now shows a full font list and has an option to select Bold if wanted. The syntax of the /SELECT command has been enhanced to allow a font name instead of a typeface e.g.
  • /SELECT “^(19U^(s0p11.8h11.73vsb’Lucida Console'”
  • The RTPCCIN import module can now handle files which use the format where columns 1-3 are a line number, and column 4 is a number of lines to skip before printing. This is the default for files with extensions other than .pcc which are treated as having lineprinter-style printer control codes where 1 = skip to channel 1, 2 = skip to channel 2 etc. + = overprint.
  • Bug fixes:
  • Problem selecting Windows fonts referenced in PDFs.
  • Confusing dialogue when saving a font substitute file.
  • Symbol set Auto was wrongly selected when choosing “RedTitan DDF (Preprinter) as t…

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