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EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional TrialEMCO MSI Package Builder Professional is a straightforward authoring utility that provides you with a reliable means of creating, maintaining and distributing Windows installers, based on the given parameters. It helps you to create MSI packages effortlessly, modify existing packages and repackage setups. The program keeps a clean and user-friendly interface that you can navigate through in order to create MSI packages, as well as convert complex installations into the MSI format. Additionally, it comes with several wizards that guide you throughout the entire process of converting an EXE installation to a MSI package, creating new projects or simply opening an existing project. In order to start a new project, simply press the New button, located in the ‘Project Management’ section. Specify a name for the project to be created and a name for the package to be added. After that, you can specify the required data such as manufacturer, version, GUID (also referred to as Globally unique identifier), supported operating systems and summary information. Apart from that, EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional enables you to set a command, a URL address or a path to a program to be launched before or after the install or uninstall process takes place and define when to execute the selected action. Since it comes with an intuitive editor and changes monitor tool, the application enables you to create a MSI package by capturing low-level file system and registry changes, Windows services and running processes. However, because of the complexity that the Live Monitoring technology presumes, you need to understand all its particularities in order to get proper installation monitoring results. Once the project is created and active, you are able to customize it the way you. You can either insert new files, folders and shortcuts, registry keys and user environment variables, or simply repair missing file links and customize uninstall filters. To wrap it up, EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional enables you to automate the creation of MSI packages using the changes tracking technology or manually personalize it using the integrated visual editor.
EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional Edition is a handy and reliable software that enables you to automatically create MSI packages. One of the most important features of the EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional Edition is ability to monitor at real time all file system and registry changes, performed by application and use monitoring results to create MSI. You can create MSI package, which performs same actions as any existing installation or application, in few minutes without any programming using just simple wizard. EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional Edition is a valuable addition to the system administrator toolkit. This application enables you to create custom MSI installation packages according to your requirements. The unique feature of this application is the capability to monitor all file system and registry modifications at real time and using this information to create new MSI package. This feature enables you to monitor the actions of any installation or application and create MSI packages that perform the same actions during MSI installation. If you have to install the application on several computers this feature will be very useful for you. Instead of following installation wizard each time when you install the application on another computer you are able to monitor the installation once and create MSI package that does not require data input but is a complete snapshot of installation. The created MSI package is not just a copy of folders on file system – it is a complete installation that also updates registry in the same manner as original installation. The unique technology applied in the process of EMCO MSI Package Builder creation enables you to monitor registry and file system modifications at real time and thus it allows you to avoid long analysis of registry and file system. Thus you can create a new MSI package immediately after the monitoring is completed, so this gives you considerable save of time. However, installation and application monitoring is not the only way to create MSI package with help of EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional Edition. Using simple visual editor you can create your own MSI from the very beginning. This process does not require special skills in programming. All you need to create MSI package is to specify registry and file system modifications to be performed during installation. EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional Edition also is useful when you have to install the application with pre-configured options on multiple computers in the network. In this case you do not have to visit all computers and install this application manually. Instead of this, using EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional Edition you can create MSI package with all necessary configured options according to your requirements.
Here are some key features of “EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional”:
  • Produce MSI package for silent remote deployment
  • Create new MSI installation
  • Repackage existing installation into MSI format
  • Customize MSI package
  • Manual creation using visual editor
  • Automatic creation based on monitoring results
  • Environment variables
  • Permanence option for files
  • Include installation into add/remove programs list
  • Import installation resources
  • Merge installations
  • 30 days trial
  • The product name cannot be changed
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • The below features have been introduced for the first time or significantly improved in this release:
  • An option was added to specify any command line to uninstall and/or repair an executable package wrapped into the generated MSI package
  • The range of property definition placeholders used for wrapped package parameters configuration was extended
  • This release resolves a number of issues, the most important of which are listed below:
  • The predefined monitoring filters are corrected
  • Installation completion is not detected correctly if the monitored installation launches more than 64 processes
  • Some executable installations cannot be repackaged using wrapping
  • Packages with external files cannot be repaired and uninstalled together with the generated package when wrapped into an x64 MSI

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