Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 2.0.130703 Demo

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Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 2.0.130703 Demo

Use Elecard components within the Microsoft DirectShow technology

Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 enables programmers to use Elecard components within the Microsoft DirectShow technology for development of multimedia applications on Microsoft .NET Framework. The Elecard Codec SDK package includes: Codecs, Documentation and Sample Applications. Samples include decoding, encoding and network solutions that demonstrate the use and configuring of different Elecard components that come along with SDK, such as Elecard Codecs MPEG-2, MPEG-4 , AVC; Network components: NWRenderer, NWSource-Plus, and other filters.  Please note that Codec .NET SDK G4 license includes a 1-month period of standard support program from Elecard and updates for the filters and components within one major version. Additional assistance and a year of update and upgrades for the SDK entire package (including documentation and sample applications updates) can be purchased as a yearly subscription for standard, premium or exclusive support programs. Elecard Codec .NET SDK sample application is divided into categories according to the components it uses. Each Sample is written in Managed C++, C# and VB.NET languages. Elecard SDK/SRD technical support includes: installation/activation issues, SDK compilation consultations; educational consultations on DirectShow basis and Graph Edit usage; performance tuning consistent with the specifications documented by Elecard. Requirements: · MMX-enhanced CPU · 128 MB RAM · Any VGA card · 15 MB of free disk space Limitations: · Elecard watermark on the screen What’s New  Updated components: · Elecard AVC Video Encoder · Add: Weighted biprediction mode (improves encoding quality) · Change: Quantization is optimized (Trellis quantization) · Change: Optimization for the Sandy Bridge processors · Change: Encoding Quality improvemet in the RDO mode · Elecard AVC Video Decoder · Add: Support of the Sandy Bridge DXVA 2.0 · Add: Ability to set custom aspect ratio · Add: Suport of streams that do not conform to the Annex B of H.264 standard · Change: Optimization for the Sandy Bridge processors · Fix: Decoding in the Deinterlace Auto mode · Elecard MPEG-2 Video Encoder · Add: Presets (MPEG-2-XDCAM 25i, 25p, 35i, 35p, 50i, 50p, D 10-25, D 10-30, D 10-40, D 10-50) · Add: ÑÑ encoding in the CAE-708 (ATSC) format · Add: Adaptive quantization · Add: Ability to set user-defined quantization matrix · Change: Delay between encoding and data sending is decreased · Change: Resolution license string for IMX presets in SD mode up to 720×608 · Change: Main level for IMX presets is changed f…

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