Eaton Intelligent Power Manager 1.30 Build 096 Demo

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Eaton Intelligent Power Manager 1.30 Build 096 DemoEaton Intelligent Power Manager is a comprehensive and effective software solution geared towards IT professionals who need to manage and organize multiple environmental devices effortlessly. Considering the main purpose for which the application was designed for, Eaton Intelligent Power Manager is very versatile being compatible with any device that supports a network interface, including UPSs, environmental sensors, ePDUs and shutdown applications, to name a few. It enables grouping and management of multiple devices over various locations and helps you to reduce setup and maintenance time of devices with ease. Since it is a web-based application, after the installation process is finished, it will launch in your default web browser from where you can easily manage the identified nodes, users and events. It will then perform a quick scan and will display all of the available devices available in your network. The left panel of the program organizes all the information in four categories namely Views, Events, Management and Settings. In case you want to scan specific IP addresses, you can access the ‘Auto Discovery’ option from the Settings category. Additionally, you can set the node access parameters, remove specific nodes and export all the data to a CSV file. With the help of the ‘Range Scan’ option, you can easily identify the nodes that are outside of the network segment, as well as edit IP address ranges and specifying authentication parameters, if required. By accessing the ‘Node List’ option from the View menu you are able to supervise the current state of each compatible power device and application. Also, you are able to view all the occurred events and the shutdown duration for each device. During our tests, we noticed that even SNMP devices are visible and their Web interfaces are accessible for editing and configuration the parameters accordingly. To wrap it up, Eaton Intelligent Power Manager proves to be an effective and steady solution when it comes to monitoring and organizing devices such as UPSs, ePDUs and environmental sensors.
Exceptionally versatile, Eaton Intelligent Power Manager is compatible with any device supporting a network interface, including other manufacturers’ UPSs, environmental sensors, ePDUs, shutdown applications and more. The application also offers the ability to organize a management table by views, centralize alarms, and maintain event logs for preventive maintenance of the entire installed equipment base.
Here are some key features of “Eaton Intelligent Power Manager”:
  • User-definable tree structure
  • User-definable graphics view
  • Aggregation of device alarms
  • Aggregated device views
  • Device firmware management
  • Shutdown agent management
  • Device maintenance schedules
  • Device types
  • ePDU
  • Security
  • Multi-platform
  • Browser-based
  • Auto discovery
  • Remote monitoring
  • Internet Explorer 7 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Eaton UPS or ePDU equipment
  • Limited to ten nodes
What’s New
  • New features:
  • “Generic driver” is a new and advanced feature which allows supervising any
  • SNMP or NUT enabled device.
  • Export nodes data into a CSV file.
  • Synchronization of NetworkMS card security settings (except passwords).
  • Compatibility with new Eaton UPSs: 9PX6KSP, 9PX8KSP, 9PX10KSP.
  • SNMPv3 support for IPM data acquisition.
  • Storage supervision (NETAPP, HP, SYNOLOGY, NETGEAR, QNAP, BUFFALO)
  • For NETAPP storage it is also possible to trigger graceful shutdown from IPM.
  • IPM administrator has the possibility to definitely delete the old events
  • from IPM database in order to reduce size and improve performance.
  • Bug fixed:
  • Value size restriction in shutdown timer and shutdown duration fields
  • 999999 max seconds).
  • Remove the Ascend/Descend sort capability for the “Messages” column in the
  • Events panel.
  • Update the battery icon in system tray, depending of the power source status.
  • Correct some labels in the mass configuration.
  • Uninstallation of the SCVMM component issues.
  • Icons display issues…

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