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Easywork Enterprise TrialEasywork Enterprise is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software developed mainly for medium and large businesses, providing managers with an easy means of monitoring all departments and employees. After installation, users can being working with it right away, as it does not require too much experience with similar programs in order to quickly get the hang of it.  The straight-forward tabbed interface allows users to swiftly move from one section to the other, working with the functions that they need, without having to close previous sections. Easywork Enterprise features the following tabs: ‘Application’, ‘Definition’, ‘Cash and Bank’, ‘General Ledger’, ‘Purchasing’, ‘Selling’ and ‘Tools’, each dealing with different aspects of running a business. From the ‘Application’ section, users can adjust the ‘System Configuration’, use the ‘DRQ Editor’, add ‘Flexible Keys’ as well as manage who can work with Easywork Enterprise and their access level. The ‘Definition’ tab of the program enables users to add, edit or delete ‘Workplaces’, ‘Departments’, ‘Divisions’, but also decide on the preferred ‘Currency’, ‘Tax’, ‘Shipping Method’ or ‘Payment Term’, and manage ‘Employees’. In the ‘Cash and Bank’ section of Easywork Enterprise, users can add or remove the banks they do business with, along with the corresponding accounts, and oversee the money flow using the ‘Cash In’, ‘Cash Out’, ‘Funds Transfer’ or ‘Bank Reconciliation’ components. The ‘General Ledger’ deals with ‘Charts of Accounting’, ‘Charts of Object’ and ‘Chart of Subject’, as well as the ‘Balance Sheet’ or ‘Income Statement’. The ‘Purchasing’ and ‘Selling’ sections allow users to manage payments, while from the ‘Tools’ tab, they can work with the ‘Issued Checks’. To sum it up, Easywork Enterprise is a complex utility which aims to help users track all aspects of their company, addressing multi-branch business in particular.
Easywork Enterprise is a user friendly accounting software that was designed to service companies that have many branches. Easywork Enterprise has an attractive user interface, that is both easy to install and to maintain. It features multi user and designed support for companies that have many branches. The application supports multi currency and automatic currency gain/lost calculation, being designed for those who do not understand the basic of accounting.
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