Easy2Sync for Files 6.03 Demo

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Easy2Sync for Files 6.03 Demo

An efficient and reliable software solution for successfully synchronizing files and directories between your home computer and work laptop

Easy2Sync is an intuitive and useful application that enables users to easily synchronize their files and folders from two computers. Easy2Sync is a fast and easy method to make sure that the two computers (or FTP servers) are always in sync. More than 200 rules are used internally to safely synchronize your files. Even renamed directories are recognized. Apart from the classic synchronization, Easy2Sync now can also ‘propagate’ data. In this mode, one computer regarded as slave computer who just receives the changes made by the other computer without copying changes to the master computer. Easy2Sync for Files is very useful for a backup server. Furthermore it can mode files and directories or flatten the directory structure.
Here are some key features of “Easy2Sync for Files”:
  • Overview:
  • Very fast, very safe, very configurable, very easy to use
  • Is used worldwide by companies, groups, governmental institutions and individuals
  • Technical:
  • Synchronization over any network type. LAN, WLAN, it doesn’t matter as long as the Windows network recognizes it, it will also work with Easy2Sync
  • Requests may be turned off, so that Easy2Sync can work on its own
  • Timer-based synchronization is supported
  • Unlimited files and directories (Only Home and Business Edition)
  • Synchronize on windows start or shutdown
  • Synchronize FTP servers
  • Easy2Sync also runs as service
  • Renamed directories are being recognized
  • Synchronization types:
  • Synchronization: Both computers have the same rights; Changes are transferred
  • Copy: One computer has not rights and just receives the changes from the other
  • Copy always: Copies even files that seem to be unchanged (for TrueCrypt)
  • Overwrite: The same, but mails will never be deleted
  • Move: Moves everything or only files from one folder to another
  • Flatten: Copies all files from a tree into a single folder
  • Copy rights: Transfers only the NTFS rights
  • Delete: Deletes all files that match the filter conditions
  • Synchronization filters:
  • Age: The age of the object can be used to exclude objects.
  • File name: File can be filtered by their name / suffix.
  • Size: You can exclude objects from the sync depending on their type.
  • Folder: You can configure for each folder, if it should be synchronized.
  • Unregistered version only creates 1 project
What’s New 
  • Sync of large directories now faster
  • Flatten directories: Replacing a file with an older version now handled properly
  • FTP: Auto-Detect for problems
  • FTP: Repair connections automatically
  • Fixed: CopyFromFtpServer didn’t work for some servers
  • Fixed: New FTP engine didn’t allow backslash in path
  • Fixed: Option “Compare, except for 1h/2h difference” didn’t work properly
  • Fixed: SkipEmptyFolder combined with AbsolutePositveListe caused incorrect order
  • Fixed: Wrong sorting after program start
  • …and some minor details and help text changes.

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