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DVDx Build 1973 - Build 5374 Beta FreewareConverting DVDs to common video formats is generally a job for more complex software applications. DVDx, however, attempts to make the whole thing a lot more appropriate for beginners and less experienced users.

The DVDx utility is designed to serve as an easy to use tool for those who want to create VCD, SVCD or DivX files from DVDs, and the interface it comes with really makes it very user friendly. In fact, the GUI is nothing more than a single window that holds all the options you need when working on a new project.

DVDx enables you to choose the output format, the DVD title and tinker with the video, audio or subtitle settings or pick the codecs, all from the same main window. There is also a basic settings menu that hosts only a few general and timing options, so you won’t get lost in details.

Since the application is supposed to work very fast, we put it to the test. Apart from loading the files from the DVD, which took a few minutes, everything worked out well and the conversion was done smoothly. This is mainly thanks to the fact that DVDx does the reading and the decrypting in the same time with the encoding and this really helps the application get teh job done faster than similar utilities.

All in all, DVDx is a very user friendly application that works fast, so it’s able to complete the task in about a half an hour, which is a pretty good performance for this kind of software solution. The customization features are adequate and will accommodate the needs of beginners and more experienced users alike.
DVDx allows you to convert DVD to VCD2.0 or SCVD1.0 or DivX in one step (Including multiplexing, splitting). DVDx has been designed especially for unexperimented users, it is a simple and intuitive program. You only need Nero to write your VCD/SVCD. It produces good quality movies in MPEG1/2 format and you don’t need to have 5GB or more free on your hard disk. DVDx produces high quality MPEG and AVI movies and advanced features provide smart settings for experimented users. DVDx is likely the fastest solution ever to copy a DVD into a DivX file because the DVD reading (and decrypting) is done while encoding to DivX. Alternative solutions require to copy the DVD to the hard drive with DVD Decrypter (or SmartRipper or any other DVD ripping software) which takes about 30 minutes, and then the encoding time is added. So with a 75FPS encoding speed for a 1:30 PAL (25FPS) movie, the total ripping time of alternative software is 1 hour. While DVDx will take less than 32 minutes (at 72FPS). We encourage you to upgrade your DivX codec to latest version which takes benefit from latest compiler enhancement for new Intel/AMD processors. On a $1,000 consumer HP Pavilion with a Intel Pentium 830D, the encoding DVDx frame rate is 72FPS with DivX Pro 6.1.1 and later. To encode to MPEG VCD/SVCD with the internal encoder or to encode to Windows Media, DVDx is also the fastest solution for the same reason.
Here are some key features of “DVDx”:
  • Job manager:
  • DVDx runs simultaneous jobs
  • Copy DVD and convert any audio/video file:
  • DVDx reads copy protected DVDs (DeMacrovision and DeCSS)
  • DVDx reads DVD+VR and DVD-VR
  • DVDx reads VOB files
  • DVDx reads any audio-video files supported by FFmpeg / MEncoder
  • Preview before encoding:
  • DVDx was the very first DVD copy software to provide preview before encoding
  • DVDx is still the only software to provide complete video+audio+subtitle preview
  • Because encoding takes from 30 minutes to 4 hours, «WYSIWYG» preview is one of the most important advantage of DVDx
  • DVDx complies with NTSC and PAL video standard:
  • All frame rates are supported: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 fps and automatic telecine is performed if necessary
  • Weird DVDs with changing frame rates and unregular NTSC telecine are supported
  • Audio track support:
  • DVDx provides high quality 48.0kHz to 44.1kHz conversion
  • You can copy AC3 Dolby audio track
  • Audio volume is adjustable
  • Subtitle support
  • You can select one subtitle languages:
  • DVDx preview shows you the output video before starting the whole encoding
What’s New
  • Features:
  • Removed (temporarily) video editor menus to avoid confusion
  • Backends:
  • Updated support for AACS v47
  • Updated BD+ support
  • Improved handling for discs with mastering errors
  • Better handling for partially damaged streams
  • Updated FFmpeg libs and MPlayer

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