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DVD Chief 2.20 Build 694 TrialDVD Chief is a professional software solution designed to help you organize your movie collections into catalogues. It automatically gets all your necessary information about the films from an Internet database. Although this app boasts many configurations settings, it sports an intuitive interface and a clean layout that can be easily mastered even by beginners. The app is able to connect to IMDB database and to displays all added necessary details about the movies, such as release date, rating, genre, studios, plot outline and other useful information. You can edit movies on the go as the app provides separate fields to work with (e.g. cast and crew, edition, discs, media information, text, images and connections).  With DVD Chief you don’t have to worry about adding information about films when inserting a DVD, Blu-Ray disk or ISO image. It can automatically insert all details into their coresponding fields. You can sort films by title, collection status, release year, number, media format, rating, and filter them by seen or unseen, TV series, loans and many others. The app comes packed with a powerful search engine that allows users to find any movies in the collection pretty quickly. You can perform searches by specifying title, status, runtime, IMDB rating, genre, studio, tags and so many other options too. Playing the trailer directly from the app’s window is also possible. It creates reports for each movie that can be exported to various file formats (e.g. PDF, HTML, RTF, ODT, plain text and others). Furthermore, the app allows users to add bookmarks, encrypt the movie database by setting up passwords and to customize its appearance by selecting from various themes. You can also choose what statistics should be displayed by selecting from different preset categories (e.g. genres, countries, rating). To sum up, DVD Chief is definitely a powerful tool that can help you organize your movie collections efficiently and quickly.
DVD Chief is a handy and reliable application designed to offer you a perfect way to organize your movie collection. Simply type movie titles, browse to movies’ ISO images or keep inserting DVD or Blu-Ray disks, and DVD Chief will automatically recognize the movies and fill in the details from a comprehensive Internet database. With full international support you can browse and search your movie collection in multiple languages. DVD Chief is made for movie fans by movie fans. Its modern user interface is highly customizable, making the organizing routine an easy, enjoyable task. By pulling all information about the movies from an Internet database, DVD Chief relieves you from hours of typing while allowing you to browse, sort, search and filter movies by many different properties. You can find all movies starring a certain actor, released in a certain year, or distributed by a certain studio in just a few moments. If you’re watching a lot of movies, your memories can easily fade – especially if you don’t find a movie particularly striking. Instead of making a mental note – type it! By entering your thoughts about the movie into the Memo field, you’ll not only preserve your memories but will make it easy to find that movie later. Your comments are a searchable field, so you can look up the movies by typing a phrase, word, or part of a word. To make searching even easier, you can tag your movies with keywords that’ll make it easy for you to look up later. View information about your movies in a language of your choice! DVD Chief is a perfect organizer for international movie fans. Fully supporting Unicode and multiple character sets, DVD Chief can store, index and search information about the movie in many different languages.
Here are some key features of “DVD Chief”:
  • Catalogues your entire movie collection for easy offline navigation
  • Automatic indexing of your movies by the title
  • Automatic indexing of DVD/Blu-Ray discs and ISO images
  • Automatic access to online movie database
  • Downloads details about the movie from the Internet
  • Easy browsing, searching and filtering
  • Unicode and multi-lingual support
  • All fields available in multiple languages
  • 90-day trial
  • 50 entries limitation
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Spring and summer skin
  • Fixed load information from kinopoisk.ru, allocine.fr, adorocinema.com, filmstars.de, screenrush.co.uk, sensacine.com
  • Fixed bugs

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