DTM Data Comparer 1.20.07 Demo

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DTM Data Comparer 1.20.07 Demo

Compare and sync your databases

DTM Data Comparer is a visual tool designed to help you compare and synchronize databases. The program successively compares the content of both tables and places the records to different lines if it cannot find two records with the same key value. If the key values coincide, the program places them to the same lines and highlights equal fields in green and unequal fields in red. During synchronization, DTM Data Comparer makes the contents of the secondary table equal to the contents of the primary one.  The process records absent from the primary table will be deleted from the secondary one, records that differ will be updated, while records absent in the secondary table will be inserted from the primary one. During sync, the program creates a set of insert, update and delete statements for data synchronization.
Here are some key features of “DTM Data Comparer”:
  • Visual comparison process and comparison HTML-report make data compare more friendly.
  • Mapping feature helps you to compare tables with different data structures.
  • Database independent. You can compare one table in Oracle database with table in MySQL as well as Interbase table with table in DB2 database. DTM Data Comparer supports all common database interfaces: ODBC, IDAPI, OLE DB, or even Oracle Call Interface.
  • ODBC, IDAPI or Oracle Call Interface
  • Demo version allows user to compare only top 6 rows of tables.
  • Demo version produces synchronization script for first 6 differences only.
  • SQL console partially replaces result values to DEMO string.
  • Nag Screen
What’s New
  • Tables compatibility check hotfix

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