Dokmee Professional Edition 4.61.9610 Trial

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Dokmee Professional Edition 4.61.9610 Trial

A document and content management application designed to assist businesses of various structures and sizes

Dokmee will help your company by optimizing document workflow and increase security. Dokmee Document Management Software is a database software designed to store and manage various types of electronic documents. The main function of Dokmee is document management, although it does have other integrated features such as: Email Management and Workflow.  Dokmee is the ideal solution for centralizing files in an electronically accessible environment for multiple users to access.  It is becoming more demanding on businesses to go paperless due to compliance, risk reduction, and to improve efficiencies. It is the goal and drive of Office Gemini to provide end users with the ease, convenience, and security of accessing documents and files without having to sort through a mess of file cabinets in the “paper” world. Dokmee provides organizations with the ability to manage their business more effectively with a strong document management solution at a fraction of the cost of products such as Alchemy and LaserFiche.  
Here are some key features of “Dokmee Professional Edition”:
  • Supports all file types such as: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, Emails, and much more…
  • Easy to Import and Export to and from Dokmee
  • HIPAA compliant auditing log and security password built in
  • Enables quick and easy Indexing
  • Multi-level search and retrieval
  • Full text searches
  • Email items directly from the Dokmee interface
  • Document Annotations
  • Image capture from a Twain source
  • Email Documents:
  • Email documents as attachments from Dokmee using your own email client or the Dokmee email form.
  • Print Documents:
  • Print documents directly from Dokmee on a local or network printer.
  • Annotations:
  • Add graphic and text annotations to tiff images using the Dokmee annotation toolbar. Leave annotations as separate layers, or flatten to become a permanent part of the image.
  • File Notes:
  • Add text notes as an attachment to any document type.
  • Launch:
  • Launch documents from Dokmee into another program for viewing and editing.
  • Full Text Searches:
  • Perform full text searches for documents based on the content of the document. Documents must be in text format.
  • Export with/without Indexing:
  • Send documents to a local or network drive with a corresponding flat file containing index information. / Drag and drop documents directly from Dokmee to a local or networked folder
  • Import with/without Indexing:
  • Import documents with a corresponding pipe delimited flat file containing pre-defined index information. / Drag and drop documents directly from a local or networked drive into Dokmee.
  • Portable Database:
  • Database may be burned to a cd or easily moved from one machine to another.
  • Scan to Tiff, Pdf:
  • Scan as single page and multi page PDF or Tiff files.
  • Index Documents/Folders:
  • Add up to 40 customizable tags to documents and folders with key information for searching.
  • Encrypted User Login:
  • Create multiple user accounts with password encryption upon logging in.
  • Active Import:
  • Monitor a folder on the network and automatically import files from the folder into Dokmee.
  • Database Encryption:
  • Put a wrapper on the files that Dokmee stores, so that they may only be open from Dokmee.
  • Email Management:
  • Monitor an Outlook Inbox and automatically import emails into Dokmee based on customizable rules.
  • Audit:
  • All actions performed in Dokmee are recorded to a searchable audit log by date, time, and user.
  • File Retention:
  • Set a retention period for how long files should be kept and manually or automatically delete files that are no longer needed.
  • Hot Key Link:
  • Image enable applications on your computer by recording hot keys to search for documents within Dokmee from any external application.
  • Workflow:
  • Customizable workflows may be created to manage any step by step process and the documents involved.
  • Bates Label:
  • Apply sequential bates labels to single page and multi page tiff files.
  • Version Control:
  • Modify documents within Dokmee and save to a new version rather than overwriting the file.
  • OCR Engine Tiff/PDF(Add-On):
  • Convert tiff or pdf images to images with searchable text. Transform tiff to pdf and vice versa.
  • Web/Remote Client (Add-On):
  • Run on a web hosting server so that documents may be accessed and viewed through a web browser where Dokmee is not installed on the machine.
  • Multi-User:
  • Allows multiple users to access the same database simultaneously from different computers that have a valid Dokmee license.
  • Auto Index:
  • Using existing databases, Auto index can fill up index fields, perform lookups and ensure data consistency.
  • SQL Database:
  • Uses Microsoft SQL as a back-end database to store data.
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • New Multi-Tab Viewer
  • New Multi-tasking environment
  • New Workflow
  • New OCR engineImproved

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