Dilex Money Bag 5.2 Trial

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Dilex Money Bag 5.2 Trial

Stock management software and Point of Sales software for internet cafes and retail shops

Dilex Money Bag is a complete solution designed to help you manage and sychronize sales from cyber cafe software and retail shops (super markets, pharmacy shops and the rest). Dilex Money Bag has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.
  • Cystal Reports 10.5
  • 75 user sessions
  • User login and logout is one (1) session
What’s New 
  • Optimized and Improved User Experience in User Interfaces:
  • Redesigned most of the forms especially the search engine and the automatic settings forms
  • Redesigned how the software behaves in terms of flow. Its now very easy to use. They have nice interfaces
  • Introduced Dilex Sticky Bar which makes it very friendly to use the software. It can be positioned wherever you want to make your work friendly – Top, bottom, right or left of the computer screen
  • Technically (Programming):
  • Enhansed Cyber, Miscellaneous and Expense’s accounts
  • Searching for transactions has never been easier. Added very comprehensive search engine. Users can search for transactions by dates, typename, note/description and users
  • Able to lock all account types to prevent it from accidental usage
  • Optimised Manual Sales Reporting. Summary report is now one mail send away. Able to preview the sales before sending, saving to a text file on computer or canceling it
  • Resolved compatibility issue with 32 and 64-bit operating…

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