Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle 5.1.1 Trial

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Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle 5.1.1 Trial

Easily generate realistic database test data

Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle is a powerful and easy-to-use data generator that enables users to easily populate databases. Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle was specially developed to help developers test data. The tool reads your Oracle database and displays tables and columns with their automatically assigned data generation settings. You can customize these data generators if desired. The tool can be used to generate test data from scratch or from existing data. A large collection of predefined data generators based on lists (such as cities, currencies, names, addresses, and much more) or expressions (such as postal codes for example) is included. You can create your own named generators which you can use in other test data generation projects also. Here are some key features of “Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle”: · Supports Oracle 9i, 10g and 11g · Intelligently associates a column with a generator based on column characteristics · Over 40 built in/predefined (and customizable) data generators · Detection of metadata changes · Generation of data that matches to your database schema · Conversion of source data · Validation of data generation settings · Generation of data from an extensive set of included CSV files · Project-oriented architecture · Randomly generated values can be constrained to a range of values · Disable foreign key constraints · Referential integrity support · Advanced data generator settings Requirements: · A minimum of 64MB RAM · Disk space requirement is 10 MB Limitations: · 14 days trial · Nag screen What’s New  · Fixed an issue with reverse engineering length value for character based data type definitions in Oracle databases when multibyte characters sets are used. This could cause generation of strings with too many characters.

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