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D7 10.2.22 FreewareD7 is a computer maintenance utility designed to help you fix various problems with your computer. The program aims to help technicians and IT administrators diagnose and repair problems on multiple workstations. The main goal of the application is to provide you with a collection of tools that can be accessed from a single interface in order to increase efficiency. You can use it to get system information, view detailed reports about the installed apps or perform cleanup actions with just a few clicks. Immediately after the app launch you can view the general system information and notice the potential problems such as an outdated antivirus or a disabled system restore. This allows you to take measures within a few minutes after starting the program. The Diagnose feature enables you to generate the reports required to assess the Internet activity or important system events. It also allows you to launch several information utilities for scanning the hard drive or monitoring the hardware components. You can use the program to fix some of the damage caused by a virus infection. The Malware section enables you to stop certain processes, fix the file associations or reset your network connections. It also provides access to anti-malware applications such as McAfee Stinger or Malwarebytes. If you need to delete the temporary files, purge the system restore archive and check for broken links in the Start menu, you can access them in the Maintenance section. D7 also includes a series of tweaks for changing the OS behavior or improving its performance. The interface of the program is rather complex and finding a certain tool or action is a challenging task for most users. Although the application does not include a documentation, the tips displayed in the lower part of the window provide information about the tool usage. Overall, D7 is a useful tool for the users who perform computer maintenance activities on a daily basis and can take the time to learn the location of frequently used utilities. If you are a casual user who needs to look after one computer, you should look for a simpler solution.
D7 is a comprehensive and practical software solution that helps you to quickly perform multiple system enhancements. It has many capabilities and many uses including offline and live malware removal assistance, offline registry editing, data backup and restore, CPU/RAM stress testing, information gathering and quality assurance uses, etc. etc. It also combines some other projects of mine such as DataGrab and CheckDisk, among other smaller things. Note that D7 is not the malware scanner or remover, you are. You control it’s behavior by whitelist / blacklist functionality, and by your own pair of hopefully good eyeballs. D7’s Malware Scan functionality is designed to show you what D7 doesn’t recognize, by whitelisting known good items, and automatically deleting known bad items. From there, D7’s MalwareScan merely shows you what is left after the whitelisting / blacklisting is applied. Note: THIS TOOL IS INTENDED FOR EXPERIENCED PC TECHNICIANS ONLY, NOT FOR “END USERS.” This tool can be very dangerous and destructive in the wrong hands, or even in the right ones. If you want to make use of all the functions and options, you can choose to buy the application
Here are some key features of “D7”:
  • offline and live malware removal assistance via many internal and 3rd party tools
  • offline and live data backup/restore and direct data migration
  • shortcuts to frequently used Windows components
  • wrappers / one-click execution options for frequently used command line tools
  • automatic updates of all your favorite 3rd party tools via Ketarin
What’s New 
  • Full Auto Mode (and several individual Auto Modes) can now be cancelled.

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