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D3DGear 4.48 Build 1844 TrialIf you’re a passionate gamer, then you might want to record the latest boss fight or create a tutorial about how to complete a difficult quest in order to help other player. D3DGear is a program that was created to help you record the activity on your desktop. The app has a simple interface that is very easy to figure out. Thus, when you launch the app for the first time, several settings can be made. For instance, you can have the program display the number of frames per second in one of the defined locations on the screen and choose a font color. You may also enable screenshot capture and movie recording and assign a keyboard shortcut for each task. While the program already has some output locations defined, these can be changed with ease.  The app supports several image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG. Also, it can save videos to AVI and WMV formats. The movie’s resolution may be modified to one of the available preset options. Furthermore, the program can broadcast the videos you are recording to a certain URL from a specialized website. If you want to speak, you can choose to also broadcast the microphone. The bottom line is that D3DGear is a nice program that is easy to work with. Inexperienced users shouldn’t have any problems while installing or customizing this utility, thanks to the simple interface and intuitive layout.
D3DGear was developed as an accessible and simple software that allows you to record in-game videos. All you have to do is launch D3DGear and start the 3D game or 3D application you want to capture. The program can also be used to capture screenshots. Furthermore, D3DGear can automatically measure a game’s framerate and display it on the screen.
Here are some key features of “D3DGear”:
  • Measure game framerate:
  • User can press hotkey to switch framerate ON or OFF.
  • User can customize framerate position, framerate font size and framerate font color.
  • User can customize framerate measuring interval.
  • Measure framerate of each game independently, simultaneously.
  • Capture game screenshot:
  • Capture game screenshot by pressing hotkey.
  • Support image format of BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, PPM or HDR.
  • Continually capture multiple screenshots until hotkey is released.
  • Add framerate in screenshot.
  • Add timestamp in screenshot.
  • Record game to movie:
  • Record game into movie with game audio.
  • Supports WMV format and AVI video format.
  • Use advanced 3D technology to minimize performance impact on game while recording game to movie.
  • Use advanced MPEG compression method to reduce movie size and enhance playback performance.
  • User can customize movie resolution, movie framerate, audio input channel and audio volumn.
  • Automatically split big movie file into multiple small files with 2Gb for each file.
  • Automatically detect disk space. Automatically warn user and stop movie recording if a low disk space condition is detected.
  • add framerate in movie
  • Add timestamp in movie.
  • 15 days trial
What’s New
  • Fixed the issue where D3DGear didn’t work with some types of WebCam.

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