Crypter 1.1 Freeware

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Crypter 1.1 FreewareCrypter is an intuitive and easy to use software utility developed to provide you with a reliable means of encrypting the messages that you send via online channels, so your information cannot be accessed by accident or for malicious purposes by third-party individuals. The program is fairly simple to work with, featuring a tabbed interface that allows you to switch back and forth between its various functions. In the ‘Encrypt’ section, you can enter the text you intend to encipher, either by hand or by pasting it from clipboard. Crypter will turn the letters of your message into a string of numbers that you can move to the lower panel, helping you copy it more easily and paste it in a TXT file or in the window of another application, such as that of a chat tool. The ‘Decrypt’ tab provides you with the ability to decode the messages that you receive. All you need to do is enter the encoded text into the upper panel, either by typing it, if you can, or pasting it from clipboard. The text is almost instantly decoded and you can read the message without a problem. If you need, you can even copy then paste it  in another window that you are working with (for instance personal details). Using the ‘Property’ section of the utility, you can customize the code used to encipher your message, by associating each letter to several characters. This however can also be done at random, from the ‘Setting’ tab, after which you can save the current code within the application. Any modification will overwrite any previous settings, so make sure you keep track of the codes you use to encrypt your messages, otherwise you might find yourself unable to decrypt them. In conclusion, Crypter is a helpful tool that can assist you in encoding your texts and personal information using your own code, thus allowing only people you want to read your messages.
Crypter is a simple and easy to work with application that is meant to help people who want to save secure information or to transmit sensitive information to people via chat or email. You can use Crypter to easily encrypt and decrypt custom messages, and the tool can be used without prior installation.
What’s New 
  • BackUp Feature
  • Better GUI

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