CRMHaven 6.0 Freeware

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CRMHaven 6.0 Freeware

An easy to use and efficient software solution designed as a customer relationship management utility, to assist you in your work

CRMHaven is an application designed for managing shared data related to clients, friends or groups. CRMHaven lets you enter, clean and manage your client (e.g. groups, friends or customers) data ready for shared access. Once a client record is updated, everybody sees the new information. Clients can be mailed, emailed, Googled or exported at any time. It works like a spreadsheet, so fields can be edited directly, or double-clicked for entry into a form. NOTE: In order to be able to use CRMHaven, you need to create an account.
What’s New
  • Now handles foreign characters better when importing from the Apple Address Book.

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