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Written by Admin on. Posted in Software Book Collector Cobalt.4.1 Book Collector is a software application that enables users to catalog their book collections. It offers the possibility of sorting books by different criteria, as well as keeping track of the items that were loaned. The GUI is no very user-friendly, and it might take some time to get used to working with this tool, especially if you are a beginner. You can make the most out of each feature by consulting the online help manual and useful tips. Multiple databases can be created, and books can be added by either performing an automatic search process or by manually entering the details about each book. Obviously, the first option simplifies the entire process of creating a book collection, as it allows users to look for books by ISBN, author and title, or LCCN. The selected books can be either included in your current database or added to a wish list. You can make the program download a front or back cover, pricing data, retrieve genre and subject information, as well as specify a primary and secondary geographical location. If you cannot find a book or all the details about it, you can manually enter the required information, such as title, genre, subject, rating, author, country, language, publisher, original title, reading date, price, characters, plot and notes, as well as add images and links. Moreover, you can add e-book files to your collection by selecting a book directory which will be automatically scanned. The generated results can be included in your database with the use of the batch mode, as well as renamed and linked to existing books in the collection. You can import files, provided that the file format is CSV or plain text, export items to HTML, XML and plain text, or print the entire collection. Other important features that are worth mentioning lie in the possibilities of creating automatic backups, editing books, customizing the appearance of the application, sorting books by title, author, producer or date, and merging list items. Moreover, you can track books that have been loaned, view their due time, or find out whether a book on loan is overdue or not. All in all, Book Collector can help you create a nifty database, which can be used for book cataloging and library management. Book Collector is a comprehensive and practical application that helps users to catalog their own book collections. It is a easy-to-use book database manager which you can use to catalog your home library. The software will provide automatic book data and cover art. Just enter ISBNs or scan barcodes. Browse, sort and search your book collection in List View or Images View.
Here are some key features of “ Book Collector”:
  • Adding books to your database:
  • Cataloging books by Author and Title
  • Cataloging books by ISBN
  • Cataloging books by LoC Classification
  • Batch adding with the Queue Mode
  • The online book database:
  • Finding more cover images online
  • Cataloging audio book and e-book files
  • Browsing your book collection:
  • Images View / List View / Cover Flow
  • Group books into Folders
  • Manage your Collection and your Wish List
  • Statistics: Bar Charts and Pie Charts
  • Searching your book database
  • Customizing Book Collector
  • Details View: Templates and Styles
  • Main screen Layout
  • Configurable Fonts & Font Size
  • Exporting and sharing your book list:
  • Export book data to the CLZ Books app
  • for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Share your database online with
  • Book Collector Connect
  • Printing lists
  • Export to HTML pages
  • Export to CSV, XML
  • Network support
  • Choose your List Columns
  • Managing and editing your database:
  • Editing your book entries
  • Editing multiple books in one go
  • Loan Manager
  • Auto Capitalization & Automatic Sort Titles
  • Managing your pick lists
  • Setting Field Defaults
  • Field Names / User Defined Fields
  • Sorting / Ordering your book list
  • Cataloging audio books and e-book files:
  • Let Book Collector scan your harddisk and add the found audio book and e-book files automatically. Add eBooksAutomatically get meta-data from Kindle, MobiPocket and ePub.
  • Support meta-data fields: Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher and Publication Date.
  • Then use Update Books Automatically to download even more book information (like a cover image) from the online database.
  • Or, link the found audio books and e-books to existing entries in your book database.
  • Use the Open button in the Details View, or Open button on the toolbar, to open the audio book or e-book file.
  • Pentium 233
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Internet connection
  • The unregistered version supports up to 100 books
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Add Books Automatically: Now recognizes 23 million ISBNs!
  • A new, secondary ISBN lookup data source has been added to our online book database.
  • The new database includes 13 million new ISBNs, plus extra data for 5 million books in our existing database.
  • This brings the total number of ISBNs recognized by our own database to 23 million! ( on top of that, our system still use all back-end lookup sources, like Library of Congress, Google Books, etc…)
  • This new secondary ISBN lookup database is now automatically used when you add books by ISBN, and will result in improved success rates on ISBN searches.
  • Add Books Automatically: New Cobalt Compact template for Preview panel:
  • The new Cobalt Compact template has been especially designed for the task at hand: selecting the correct book and edition from the search results.
  • Clearly showing the identifying edition information near the top (Author, Title, ISBN, Publisher, Publication Year).
  • Toggle between Front and …

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