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If you are hoping to transfer your DVDs to a digital format, you could do much worse than CloneDVD. This app will allow you to both copy (rip) and write (burn) your movies to your computer or disk.   CloneDVD offers you three options –copy DVD, clone DVD or write data to disk. The process is pretty easy – you choose the DVD, pick a few basic preferences (quality to compression ratio, subtitles, audio) and specify if you want the output as DVD file, ISO image or directly written to disk. You press Go! and your CloneDVD gets working on the job.   The configuration options presented by CloneDVD are pretty basic. If you are simply backing up your movies, they should be fine, but if you want a little more control, you should probably look elsewhere. Other than that, Clone DVD is fast and efficient, and an excellent option.  CloneDVD is a solid tool for backing up and cloning your DVD movies.  

Recent changes

  • New: Increased performance of the transcoder
  • New: Improved handling of layer break position
  • New: Creates .dvd files for correct layer break handling with Virtual CloneDrive and CloneCD
  • New: Parses .dvd files for correct layer break position when writing to dual layer media
  • New: Show warning, if a single layer image file is about to be written to dual layer media
  • New: Added support for writers with drive letters “A” or “B”
  • New: Added “loop titles” option. As some DVD players behave weird, if DVD playback stops, all titles copied without menus will loop with this option enabled.
  • New: Added support for episodic DVDs, where episodes are only accessible as chapters.
  • Fix: Error compressing some discs
  • Some minor changes and improvements

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