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Copying or cloning CDs has become increasingly difficult with copyright encryption getting more and more sophisticated.   However, there are always a few programs out there that seem able to crack just about anything and CloneCD is certainly one of them. CloneCD gives you the option to clone as much or as little as you want from not only CDs but DVDs as well. Why the developers chose to keep the name CloneCD is a mystery because this program is more than capable of both.   The utility can compress extensive footage at high speed due to what the developers call “advanced transcoding technology” and it allows you to select both the audio and language you’d like to use from DVDs. The program works very well with ISOs and UDFs and is particularly useful to “unblocking”copyrighted disks – i.e. those CDs or DVDs which are copyrighted and won’t play in your CD player. However, it should be noted that copyright laws vary from country to country and that you should not be using this program to break copyright laws or decode commercial disks – it’s entirely for your own use.   For unblocking or copying locked or heavily encrypted DVDs or CDs, CloneCD is an incredibly powerful application.  

Recent changes

  • New: Support burning of .dvd files created with AnyDVD
  • New: Will create ISO images when reading DVD media by default
  • New: Buffer display when writing ISO images
  • Fix: Security vulnerability of the driver interface
  • Some minor fixes and improvements

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