CheckMark Payroll 13.0.11 Demo

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CheckMark Payroll 13.0.11 Demo

A complete program designed for professional payroll services to help you safely manage your company as well as your employees and their paychecks

CheckMark Payroll is a powerful application designed for small businesses and accountants to help manage employee payments. This program includes high-end features like direct deposit, MICR encoding blank check stock, and handles unlimited companies and unlimited employees.  Run it as a stand-alone program, or post to most popular accounting systems, including CheckMark’s own MultiLedger and Quickbooks. Current Federal and State tax withholding tables and printable IRS forms are included, and there are NO monthly fees. Using this application you will be able to run an in-house payroll which in return is more cost-effective and keeps your employees’ records safe. With this program you will run payroll, print payroll checks, and pay employer taxes in just a few minutes. CheckMark also offers customizable Payroll Services Nationwide. Here are some key features of “CheckMark Payroll”: Quick and Easy Payroll: · Start at any time of the year · Print on blank check stock using the MICR encoding feature (MICR toner recommended · Enter all employee hours in one spreadsheet-style window · Retain hours for future payrolls · Import hours from a spreadsheet or timeclock software · Easily modify check numbers, void or delete checks · Handles after-the-fact payrolls · Creates ACH format file for direct deposit with your bank Handles Federal and State Taxes: · Comes with up-to-date federal and state taxes · CheckMark helps you remain up-to-date with patches available for download when necessary · Handles employee and employer taxes from Exempt status to withholding additional amounts · Can print W-2/W-3’s on perfed, blank sheets or pre-printed forms or file electronically with SSA and most states Enjoy Flexibility and Ease-of-Use: · Pay each employee as hourly, salaried or both · Accrue sick and vacation time on a monthly, per pay period, per-hour-worked or annual basis · Handles pre-tax deductions, such as 401(k) and cafeteria plans · Calculates employer matching amounts for deductions · Calculates and prints checks for employer payments, such as 941 and SUTA · Distribute employee hours or wages by department or MultiLedger Job Get Comprehensive, Up-to-the-Minute Reports: · Prints 940, 941 or 944 on plain paper (Adobe Reader must be installed to use this feature) · Provides state withholding and SUTA information for use in completing state reports · Provides employee reports, including employee earnings, check register, deductions register. Requirements: · 50 MB disk space · Adobe Reader · Printer Limitations: · You can create up to 4 periods What’s New · New View Screen vs Old: There are two View screens available for the main · command window; The New View or the Classic View. You choose which view to use by going under the View menu and choosing Change View . · Change the Screen and Font Size: You can adjust the size of each screen by clicking and holding down the mouse button on the lower right hand corner of any screen and dragging the corner for adjusted size. If you want to increase or decrease the overall font size, under the View menu at the top of the screen, there is a Increase or Decrease Font size option. You can choose those options multiple times until the desired size is selected. · Change the color: Personal preference, easier to see, maybe just a change of pace. Change the color of your screen by going under the View menu and choosing Change Color. Choose different combo’s from the three color bars to customize endless color choices. · More Additional Incomes per employee, now add up to 8. · Twice as many Deductions per employ…

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