XP Update Extender Freeware

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XP Update Extender FreewareXP Update Extender is a user-friendly piece of software aiming to help you keep your Windows XP operating system running without too many errors for as long as possible, by allowing you to install updates until 2019.

Third party apps to watch out for

During the installation period, you will need to pay attention to what you accept to install on your PC, as the program will also offer a series of third party applications, which it does not need in order to function properly.

LameXP 4.06 Build 1170 Final – 4.07 Build 1248 Beta 7 Freeware

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LameXP 4.06 Build 1170 Final - 4.07 Build 1248 Beta 7 FreewareLameXP was designed as a GUI for the LAME MP3 encoder and is aimed at converting audio files. In the user-friendly interface you can add a file to encode (it also supports batch conversion), but you can also use the drag and drop method while you are browsing for files in Explorer (a floating drop box is displayed on the lower right corner of the screen). Once you have specified the output destination, you can edit meta data (it will supersede data from the source), enable or disable LameXP to automatically generate a playlist file (M3U), as well as configure compression and advanced options.

StartMenu8 2.0 Beta Freeware

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StartMenu8 2.0 Beta FreewareThe lack of the Start button in Windows 8 is quickly fading away from the list of weaknesses in the operating system. And this is thanks to third-party developers who took it upon themselves to supplement this feature. IObit is no different and came up with StartMenu8, a simple and free alternative that mimics the launch button in Windows 7 almost to the letter. As such, you have the section with frequently used programs, the side menu (with the exact entries as in Windows 7), the power button and the search bar. Although it has already reached version 2.0 StartMenu8 has not yet made it out of beta. This means that glitches and issues are likely to occur.

Preme 0.92 Free

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Preme 0.92 FreeThe progress Microsoft has made with Windows 7 in terms of usability and functionality is an undeniable fact. Only at the taskbar level the improvements are notable: jumplists, thumbnail preview, icon-like windows, pining option or rearranging of the tasks. Moving over to window management, Windows 7 introduces AeroShake to clear the desktop and AeroSnap to resize and compare windows on the desktop. Although there are users unconvinced by these features, many have changed their standard of how an operating system should behave and the options it should include. And for the latter category all the aforementioned features represent only the beginning because there is still plenty of room to develop functionality and usability of the desktop to new levels.

Win7 Start Orb Loader 1.1.1 Free

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Win7 Start Orb Loader 1.1.1 FreeChange the way the Start menu button looks and replace it with a different one. Win7 Start Orb Loader is the program that helps you achieve just that, but keeping you on the safe side as it does not modify or replace vital Windows data. Notwithstanding Windows 7’s looks, users will always jump on board when it comes to modifying the aspect of the operating system, even if we’re talking about minor aesthetic tweaks. Having a different theme or simply a particular icon arrangement on the desktop sets you apart. In this case the famous Start menu orb in Windows 7 is on the line and if it is possible, why not change it just to see how it works for you. Unlike other Start menu button changers out there Win7 Start Orb Loader does things a bit different in that it will not offer good looks for the price of system stability. The freebie operates the changes without corrupting explorer.exe (the file remains untouched).