Sony Ericsson Themes Creator for Windows 4.16 Free

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Sony Ericsson Themes Creator allows you to easily create themes for your phone.   The application lets you customize everything in your Sony Ericsson mobile phone, from standby, to the app launchermenu and calendar. Thanks to the tabbed interface in Sony Ericsson Themes Creator you can quickly move between the different sections. The right side of the program shows the current theme and the left one is where you can make the changes, from selecting a new image to changing text.   We were a little disappointed to find out that you can only upload GIF files to Sony Ericsson Themes Creator. However, the program does allow you to change sounds like the alert for new emails, messages or calendar events.

Samsung New PC Studio 1.5.1 Free

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Samsung New PC Studio is a tool that connects everything stored on your phone with your computer, letting you synchronize, backup and transfer files from one device to another with ease.   Your phone saves some really important information: calendar, photos, messages, videos, maps, news, documents. Samsung New PC Studio is the official tool for Samsung phones that lets you manage and store a copy of all your information and files on your PC.   Using Samsung New PC Studio is very simple. Connect your phone to your computer and view the contents of the phone directly on the PC. You can move photos, music and videos easily from the phone to the computer or vice versa. Just drag and drop them in the final destination.

Nokia Suite 3.3.89 Free

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If you’ve got a Nokia phone and a computer, then you really can’t afford to be without the Nokia Suite. This collection of tools, formerly known as Nokia Suite, allows you tosync your phone with windows in order to get more from your device. Nokia Suite is much more than just a file transfer solution, and it adds a number of genuinely useful functions for improving your mobile experience.   Nokia Suite is very simple to install, thanks to a helpful, step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process of hooking your phone up. The main menu consists of a series of bright, bold icons offering a gateway to some cool features. The functions you’ll probably use most are the backup and restore and file transfer tools, which run quickly and without fuss.

Samsung Kies Free

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Samsung Kies is Samsung’s official tool for Android based devices which allows you to manage music and videos. If you have both a PC and a Samsung mobile device, it’s an essential application.   Samsung Kies also allows you to receive and install Firmware updates for your Samsung mobile and is regularly updated to be compatible with the latest Samsung mobile releases. In addition, Samsung Kies also works for transferring and managing contacts and calendar events between your mobile device and Mac.