StarMade 0.19431 Free

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StarMade 0.19431 Free

StarMade is a 3D sandbox-like and Minecraft inspired space shooter game in which you have to destroy all your enemies in multiplayer mode and explore the surrounding space around you

Besides having to destroy all your enemies in order to win, in StarMade you will also have the option to just infiltrate their ships.

DMX Assistant 2.4 Free

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DMX Assistant 2.4 Free

DMX Assistant is a straightforward Art-Net input and output for your Mac designed to help you view the Art-Net from other controllers and output them for testing and backup control.

Thanks to DMX Assistant you can save the desired DMX values into user-definable scenes and use them to control the lightning via MIDI hardware. DMX512 is a standard for digital communication networks used mainly to control stage lightning and effects. The protocol sends 8-bit values in 512 individual channels at up to 44 time per second. Professional equipment such as moving heads, LED fixtures and dimmers are daisy chained and their individual parameters can be controlled via certain DMX channels.

Art-Net is also a protocol used for transmitting the lighting control protocol DMX512-a via the User Datagram Protocol of the Internet Protocol suite. Thanks to DMX Assistant you will be able to send DMX via the Art-Net protocol over Ethernet networks from your Mac to control various lightning systems easily and efficiently. What is more, DMX Assistant is capable to listen to all the Art-Net broadcasted over the network and help you understand how the system works.

By using DMX Assistant, you will be able to save your DMX values into numerous scenes and save them as regular document files that you can use as backup and transfer them between computers. In addition, you can control scene intensity submasters with MIDI Control Change or Note messages.

Another great feature are the light-up faders that make it easy for your to see your DMX levels. You can view a larger number of DMX channels by enabling the grid view. Thus, you can work with intelligent fixtures and view all important specific values at a glance. The built-in histogram provides an overview of your entire DMX universe and helps you view how much you using along with any glitches or patterns that might occur. Moreover, DMX Assistant can display arrays of RGB LEDS.

All in all, DMX Assistant is a powerful utility that enables you to take control of various light fixtures and monitor the Art-Net input and output DMX via broadcast Art-Net.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Art-Net input and output
  • HTP merging
  • Dark interface
  • Scene presets
  • Grid view
  • Histogram
  • LED array view

Clover EFI v2.3K r3262 Free

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Clover EFI v2.3K r3262 Free

Usually, the usage of Mac OS X is limited to architectures released by Apple: the operating system comes pre-installed on Mac computers, and you can easily update it through the Apple App Store.

However, you can create your own “hackintosh” (a computer that has not been built by Apple, but can still run Mac OS X) and customize its behavior with the help of certain pieces of software, such as Clover EFI.

Clover EFI is a bootloader designed to work with UEFI motherboards, that provides configuration support for your OS X installation. In addition, the software can also be used to create a USB disc containing a custom OS X version and all the necessary drivers.

Easy to install bootloader for customizing OS X installations running on non-Apple computers

The Clover EFI software comes with its own installer package, which means that the entire process is reduced to simply following the on-screen instructions. Naturally, you will have to provide the credentials for your computer’s admin account.

Noteworthy is that you have the option to personalize the bootloader’s installation: you can choose to install Clover EFI for UEFI booting only, you can install Clover EFI in the ESP, you can apply a custom theme, decide which drives or scripts should be deployed, and so on.

Furthermore, Clover EFI also allows you to integrate a custom preference pane in your System Preferences window. As a result, you will be able to effortlessly update the bootloader, to change the Clover theme, or to adjust the number of log files and backups Clover EFI should keep.

Powerful software solution for booting a custom OS X installation, and improving its performance

Clover EFI is a great tool to have around if you are running OS X on a non-Apple computer that integrates a UEFI motherboard: the installer replaces the default bootloader, integrates powerful drivers, and allows you to customize both the OS X behavior and appearance.

Telegram 1.81 Build 25005 Free

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Telegram 1.81 Build 25005 Free

We live in a world where more and more people are starting to wonder if the word “privacy” still has meaning and to ask questions about what exactly happens to their personal data once it gets stored on social networking services’ servers.

Telegram is an instant messaging service and application designed to address these exact issues, and, on the OS X platform, it is available as a straightforward messaging application that puts a big accent on two main concepts: speed and privacy.

Unsophisticated looking yet powerful messaging application

The fact that Telegram was built with performance and simplicity in mind is evident once you start the application. Telegram’s main window is divided into two areas: on the left part of the screen you can find a menu panel that provides access to Telegram’s main features (Contacts, Chats, Settings), while on the right side of the screen every active or selected feature will be displayed.

Telegram enables you to create group chats and talk with up to 200 people, share video files up to 1GB, share documents and images in a wide array of formats, and create your own tools using Telegram’s API.

Furthermore, Telegram offers you unlimited cloud storage for all your messages and media files within the app, so you will always have access to your conversation history.

Efficiency, speed, and security, three words that form Telegram’s core philosophy

It must be said that Telegram doesn’t really revolutionize the whole concept of messaging apps. However, what it lacks in ground-breaking features, it well makes up for in speed and with a strong belief in protecting its users’ data.

The developers are so confident in the security of their MTProto protocol instant messaging implementation that they offered a $200,000 prize to anyone who can crack it. For added protection, all exchanged messages while using Telegram are encrypted.

Another worth mentioning feature is the fact that Telegram’s usage of the MTProto protocol, merged with the fact that its data centers and servers positioned all around the globe and connected to high speed internet nodes, make it one of the fastest messaging solutions out there, if not the fastest.

Telegram successfully proves that the proverbial saying “Too good to be true” isn’t always correct

In addition, Telegram is a cross-platform app that can be used on all popular desktop and mobile device platforms such as Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

Taking everything into consideration, Telegram checks all the right boxes, it is easy enough to use, very fast, offers excellent protection for your data, cloud storage for all your messages and media, all while being completely free of charge.

With all these qualities, it is not hard to see that in the near future Telegram could become the hottest and most used messaging application by the masses.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Instant messaging speed with many servers positioned all over the globe
  • Provides cloud storage so you always have your data near your and never have to worry about losing it
  • You can create large group chats with 200 users support
  • It enables you to effortlessly send pictures and share videos
  • Resource efficient

LogrPro 1.3.0 Demo

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LogrPro 1.3.0 DemoThe LogrPro app enables its users to effortlessly define filters that can be used to color the lines in the loaded log files that contain a custom text string. If you need keyboard shortcuts to get around and to speed up your workflow, LogrPro will allow you very swiftly switch between all loaded logs using CMD+J and CMD+U. LogrPro has been designed to be used mainly by system administrator, developers and various other power users that need a quick and simple way to read any log on a Mac machine. When you have to open a log saved within a hidden file you can easily get to it using CMD+G within the Open dialog panel. Once you hit this keyboard combination, a system address input will be displayed allowing you to type in the direct path to the log you want to open. LIMITATIONS IN THE UNREGISTERED VERSION
  • The demo version will allow you to open only one log file at a time

Unvanquished 0.43 Alpha

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Unvanquished 0.43 Alpha

Unvanquished is a free and open-source game that can be considered a more evolved version of Tremulous. Unvanquished branches off Tremulous by bringing to the table improved gameplay and far better graphics.

Cross-platform action-packed multiplayer FPS

Moreover, Unvanquished is a FPS game with some RTS elements that takes place in a Sci-Fi context of a futuristic world. The game’s action revolves around the battle between the humans with their advanced technology against dangerous and adaptable insect-aliens.

The game doesn’t have a single player mode, therefore, in order to play, you must create a new local server and play with your friends, or connect to one of the many internet hosted ones and play with people from around the world.

Once connected to a server, you are given the choice to choose sides, by playing either as a human being or as an insect alien.

If you choose to play for the humans you can construct and maintain your base with a variety of useful building structures, or take the path of attacking the aliens head-on with support from your team.

Play as an alien or as a human, both with their own advantages and disadvantages

An interesting perspective is achieved when playing as an alien insect, as you can crawl on almost every structure, such as walls and ceilings, in order to prepare ambush attacks on the unwary humans.

While the aliens are equipped with crawling capabilities, pincers, poison gases, and ranged electrical attacks, the humans have at their disposal normal fire weapons for exterminating the alien forces, and some special structure building tools for defending the base.

The two teams spawn at default spawn points which can be moved later on, and both teams have structures that protect their bases, namely barricades for the alien forces and machine-gun turrets for the humans.

The game is won be either team that manages to kill all opposing forces, as well as to destroy all of their spawn points.

Interesting and thrilling atmosphere

All in all, Unvanquished proposes an interesting and entertaining action-packed gameplay, and,

coupled with the fact that it’s free and open source, it ticks all the right boxes towards becoming a  valid alternative to other games in the genre.


    • 2 GHz CPU or more
    • 2 GB RAM or more
    • OpenGL 2.1
    • GPU Intel GMA3000 or better
    • 600 MB of disk space for installation