Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 Free

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Ubuntu is the ultimate free operating system which us widely revered for it’s ease of use and powerful features. Ubuntu epitomizes everything that open source software is all about – free, quality software that works well and looks good. The latest version of Ubuntu “Maverick Meerkat” is packed with new features aimed at bringing Ubuntu to a wider market by making it easier than ever to use. This download is for the Windows installer version of Ubuntu which installs Ubuntu on your system just like any other application you might install in Windows. It’s the easiest and safest way of installing Ubuntu for the first time because you can easily remove it if you find you don’t like it. If you do like it, you can download the desktop version which you’ll then have to transfer to a CD or USB stick to install correctly.

Chrome OS Linux 1.9.1077 Free

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Chrome OS Linux Distribution is a fast and lightweight open source operating system built around the revolutionary Google Chrome web browser. It includes GNOME desktop environment, experimental GNOME Shell desktop, Google Music Manager, Picasa, LibreOffice, GIMP, Pidgin, Cheese, Wine and many more. Available for free as a Live CD or USB Disk Image.       Chrome OS Linux is not related to Google Chrome OS and it’s based on openSUSE, therefore it is very stable and open. Unlike Google Chrome OS, it runs on every x86-compatible PC, laptop or netbook and it does not require Internet access to run.   Chrome OS Linux is meant for all users, from beginners to nerds. It is very user friendly and has the user experience similar to Windows.

4Sync 1.0.2 Free

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4Sync is a tool that lets you sync virtually every device you own so you can access your files anywhere. 4Sync is similar to other file storage services like Dropbox and iCloud in that it gives you a way to store files and access them across multiple devices. This includes on a Windows PC, Mac or mobile devices such as Android and iPhone, among others. Share photos, music, videos and other files with 4Sync. Setting up an account comes with 10GB of free storage space. It’s as simple and dragging and dropping files into the 4Sync folder on your computer. If you’re new to this type of service, 4Sync very conveniently explains how to use the desktop app by providing a basic wizard with the download file.

Soluto Beta 1.2.506.0 Free

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Soluto is presented as “anti-frustration software”, and it really helps getting rid of frustration – at least the frustration of having to wait while rebooting your PC. With Soluto you can improve the computer’s start-up time by removing unnecessary applications from the system’s boot-up sequence. But don’t let these technological terms scare you away: Soluto is, in fact, the easiest, simplest start-up analyzer we’ve ever seen. After installing it, all you need to do to use Soluto is restart your system. The program calculates the time your system takes to boot up completely, and shows you a colorful, animated report divided into three main areas: required components that can’t be removed (in gray), potentially removable components (in orange) and programs you can easily get rid of (in green).